How can one person
change the world ?

The time is always right to do what is right

Hey do you know won the Nobel peace prize in 1964? Martin Luther king jr., original name Micheal King ,Jr. Martin had qualities such as leadership, courageous, and thoughtful. The most important in my opinion is leadership. Those are the qualites that I will describe as.

The first quality I want to talk about is leadership. Martin was leader in many ways. The first way his leadership took in place is when he built the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It was founded in January 10, 1957. The SCLC had a large role in the American Civil Rights Movement. Another reason why he was a good leader was because he worked his anger. MLK was a person, which means he had a range of emotions, just like the rest of us. The last reason why he is a good leader is because he was arrested more than 25 times but he still went on with his dream. Those are reasons why he was a good leader.

The second quality is I want to talk about is courageous. He had courage to do the march on Washington, August 28, 1963. Attended by some 250,000 people,it's was the largest march. Also he stood up to a bunch of people. Mahalia Jackson shouted " Tell them about the dream Martin!" That's when he started to say "I have a dream." Lastly he fought for what was right and he knew that he was going to be killed while he was achieving his goal. That's all the reasons for courageous.

Now I want to talk about thoughtful. He was thoughtful enough not to hurt anyone. Also he was thoughtful enough to go and talk to the garbage truck workers in Memphis, Tennessee. Another reason why martin is thoughtful might seem obvious, but he spent a long time trying to write the I have a dream speech. Those are the reasons why he is thoughtful.

To sum up, Martin was a good leader. He was a perfect leader to us. Also he showed us how much of courage he had. The last reason is because he showed us his thoughtfulness. Those are some reason why he was a great leader. Who's a leader to you?

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