What about Me?? Jonathan G

The worst time i fell of my bike was when i was riding my little brothers bike without a helmet and  my shoelace got caught in the chain and i flew over the handle bars and knocked out one of my permanent teeth.

The books i read and reread the most were the Horrible Harry books in third grade.I read and reread these the most because they were super easy to read.

When i went away to summer camp fo a week i felt free of all resposibilities and my parents.I felt like i could have fun without them yelling at me.

My brother makes me the most embarassed. The only reason is the way he acts in public,he acts like a totall maniac.

My deepest fear is spiders. This is because of how hairy and ugly they are.

Me: As a kid I moved around a lot. One of my all time favorite things to do is fish, Just the feeling of being out in nature is  really cool. I had a pretty normal childhood, with an average family in an average house in an average neighborhood. I love to be outside, one of my favorite things to do outside is swimming or longboarding.