Discouraging Termite Infestation in Seven Ways

The action of termites on houses, office spaces and other related properties is steadily escalating in Singapore. Despite the best efforts of the government and the private sector, a number of termite infestations are still being reported. Singapore Pest Control Company and owners of establishments are already working hand-in-hand to control these outbreaks. However, recent data suggest that prevention is still the best defense against the infestation of termites. To accomplish this, seven ways are cited below to discourage termite growth in an area.

Wood food. Termites attack establishments because of the availability of wood which is the primary form of nourishment of these pests. For total prevention, owners can opt to let go of decorative wood pieces inside and outside the house. Wood carvings can be replaced with alternative plastic or metal while garden wood designs can be removed.

Waster timber. Houses and buildings under construction usually produce a lot of wood wastes from timber. Responsible management of these waste products must be observed by construction workers so as to prevent potential attraction of termites to these timber leftovers.

Treated or resistant timber. In the event that the usage of wood as building foundation or house decoration can’t be circumvented, termite control experts advise the use of treated timber. These processed wood pieces have undergone professional procedure to evade termite attack. In connection to this, certain species of trees also possess the property of being naturally resistant to termite infestation. Consequently, home or building owners must inquire from their contractors regarding the availability and application of these processed or resistant wood types in the construction.

Water sources. Aside from wood, termites are also attracted to water. This is because of the fact that water aids in the physiological processes of these pests. Consequently, owner can evade potential termite attack by ensuring that no pipes are leaking and that all stagnant water is removed.

Humidity check. Termites function best at humid conditions. To discourage the proliferation of termites under the building’s soil foundation, regulation of humidity would be necessary. This could be done by improving floor ventilation and drainage system to lower air moisture.

Concrete slab. Houses and buildings that are well furnished with concrete slab are less likely to be attacked by termites. Hence, it is important that during construction process, quality concrete slabs must be used along with proper installation and design.

Detect the queen. Lastly, some types of termite mounds are easily detectable. Once a mound of termite is seen, authorities suggest that killing the queen is one of the best ways to shatter the social system of these pests. However, caution must be observed when removing the queen from the mound.

Termites are pests that damage houses and buildings not only in Singapore but also in the whole world. Seven ways to discourage termite attacks are shown in this article. Proper usage of the information given here can help homeowners and businessmen to protect their hard-earned properties from termite infestation.