Various Use of Paper Gift Bag

Have you take a close look at the paper gift bags? Have you paid attention to the things they carry? Do you know what paper food box can do besides carrying things? In the following passage, paper gift bag usage will be introduced to you.

A paper bag is a preformed container made of paper. It usually has an opening at one end. It can be one layer of paper or multiple layers of paper and other flexible materials. In most cases, paper bags are used for packaging or carrying items. Some paper gift bags without handle can be used to carry tiny things such as key rings, hair clips, etc. Some paper gift bags with handles can carry things that are a little bit heavy. Those paper gift bags can be used to carry other things in our daily life. We can also do some DIY to increase the paper gift bag usage. For example, we can add some colorful painting to the cover of the bag to make our paper gift bag special. One chocolate packaging box usage is to advertise. When people use paper gift bags to carry things in their daily life, the information on the bags will be seen by a huge number of people. This can be a free advertisement for the product company.

After talk about paper gift bag usage, do you want to know how to make a unique paper gift bag from a paper lunch bag? You should prepare paper lunch bags, paper punch, scrapbook paper, scissors, deckle edge scissors, glue stick, hole punch and twine in advance. First, use a pair of scissors to trim off the uneven edge of the paper lunch bag. Then punch cutouts on the front side of the bag with a paper punch. Next, you need to cut a piece of scrapbook paper. Use a glue stick to rub the front of the piece of scrapbook. Put the piece of scrapbook paper on the inside flap. Then trim the scrapbook paper with the scissors and punch two holes in the top of the bag. You can add your gift into the bag at this moment. And finally string twine through the holes and tie in a bow. A perfect paper gift bag has been made.

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