Top Friends/Things I Want To Change About About The World

Hey Peeps! For this Tackk, I will be doing something a little different. In this Tackk, I will be addressing two topics. I thought that this idea would definitely stand out and I might even do it again soon. So the first Topic is,.....

My Top Friends







Please follow them because they are such nice and amazing people. If you want be a part of my top friends, leave a comment down below telling me what is one language you want to learn.

And now for the main part of this Tackk.

So life can be stressful, difficult, annoying, you name it! So there is gotta be some things that you would change. You may want to change the things in the world that you have to deal with every day. But I'm going to tell you mine.

Ok. So the first one has to deal with how long the weekend is. So the weekend is technically 2 1/2 days long,(Friday is half of the weekend because you're pretty much at school for some of the day). But if only we could have 4 days of school and have 3 days of the weekend. It would be so easier math wise because what if you were creative and you want to turn that mixed number into an INPROPER FRACTION???

Nobody has time to do all the math. We want it to be as simple as it could. Because we would waste time saying 2 1/2 than just simply saying 3!!!   I may not have a good point but it's a point!!!!

Next is the BAD THINGS THAT WOULD RISK OUR LIVES. Such as drugs, guns, The Black Death during the Middle Ages. I know probably most of you heard of the shooting at Sandy Hook in Newton, Connecticut right? 27-28 people were killed and 20 of them were children who were like 6 or 7. They had a 90% of their life in front of them. Proms, graduations, weddings, retirement, jobs, college, etc. If only guns never existed, those children wouldn't be playing in a playground above us and the teachers wouldn't be teaching above our heads, (if you know what I mean). Another thing is that we were watching videos about drugs and teens in health, they said that if you smoke or drink, you would possibly die in some point in your life if you continue! My grandma used to chew tobacco and my godmother smokes. So it's kind of awkward. But soon it will change in the future.

Another thing that pretty much bothers everybody, is BULLYING! Back then people thought it was physical. But now we are using more technology and there is now cyber bullying and there are people who are COMITTING SUICIDE!!!  I heard last year that there was a boy who was my age who was a cheerleader and he committed suicide because he was being  bullied. And an even worse story was about Amanda Todd. She posted a video on YouTube telling her story using notecards. Then a month after she posted the video, she committed suicide. These stories make me feel so sad that I cried. I was bullied myself last year in 5th grade. I would come home crying and then I asked my mom if I could be homeschooled. Then after spring break, they stopped bullying me and I enjoyed the rest of the year. They would insult me and make fun of me.

Leave a comment down below telling me which one do you agree on.  I hope you guys liked this Tackk and I hope you guys learned that life is a crazy game, LITERALLY!