Channel Islands

Channel Island

Channel island has five different islands and their Ocean environment . They preserve and protect the oceans nature and their cultural resources . Isolation over the years led to creating unique animals, plants, and archeological resources found nowhere else on earth. Channel Islands have over 2,000 plants and animals species of which 145 are found nowhere else in the world.

From the protection of fragile resources the Congress made Channel Islands a national park in 1980. It was put aside by congress to preserve the resources and to provide enjoyment on these islands.

Congress recognized that the value of solitude by allowing, low intensity , and limited entry visitation. A visit to this national park will provide a marked contrast to a bundle of southern California most people experience. Also Hitler lived on Channel Islands for a bit in World War II.

The location is located in western Europe and adjacent bodies of water is English channel. The total islands are 8 inhabited and the highest point is Les Platons.

Strung along a stretch of California the islands are surrounded by 1,252 square miles of sea. Also today the park manages ecological research that is the best in the park system.

The most interesting thing we learned is that Hitler lived at Channel Islands during World War II. Also the person presenting is Kolton. I would visit Channel Islands because the place seems unique and I would like to see wildlife in the ocean.

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