Hitchhiking memories from Europe

Eveything started with my friends'(Mustafa and Efe) insist on not getting on the plane while turning back  from Holland to Poland. Although we had both going and returning tickets, they persuade me with the words '' Think Nuri, we have a flight ticket, however;  we are such a cool people that we can ignore our returning tickets. It will be legennn, wait for it, Daryyy. Hitchhiking!!' *Actually he didn't say 'legendary' but it was what meant to me :) *

If I write just the experience of hitchhiking from Holland to Poland, there would be a novel. However, this blog is not about a novel, this blog is just an example of ''A Blog''

What about hitchhiking? I think I will continue on this blog, after my 'blog' presentation for the lecture IDE 4001.  :)

Some photos indicating the process...  :) :)

After Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam.. It was hitchhiking time. I was ready for that long, troubled hitchhiking but my friends weren't because they thought that it was going to be an easy journey, which wasn't at all.

We could hardly get to somewhere near Holten (with 3 different vehicle), which was only 150 km away from Amsterdam. With 3 different cars and about 3 hours later we could only get close to the boarder of Germany. We were too slow to arrive in Poland alive. On the other hand, to be pollyanna, it was good news for us to be at the boarder, however; we were not aware of the terrible days that we were going to face with.

We were in a petrol station area on the Highway E-30 as it can be seen on the map above. On that day, the weather was cold, dark and cloudy same as it had been for many days although it was june.  There was  McDonald's, truck garage and normally a petrol in that station. It was an active station. Cars, vehicles were coming and going but no one was asking us where we were going... And that day it was high time to sleep when it was about 1 am. We set our tent under a tree and we laid out newspaper on the ground because it was really cold. Moreover, we were wearing shorts and T-shirts. C'mon we hadn't checked the weather because it was JUNE !!! We are from Turkey and June means HOT like HELL. However, we were in Holland not in Turkey. We laid down and i started thinking.. I was afraid because my love was leaving Poland in a few days and i could have lost the chance to say at least a 'bye' to her. On the other hand, we didn't have money and we were 1000 kms away from our destination and 3500 kms away from our country. But Mustafa and Efe were okay as if their transportation was guaranteed by someone. Their relaxed behaviours were disturbing me. Then we fell asleep at like 1:30 am. And at 2:30 am unfortunately it started to rain, a hard one. Our tent got wet,  we left our tent and run to the petrol station. From 2:30 until the sunbirth (6-7 am) we just stand and put our hands into our pockets, shaking because of cold. So that night, we slept just for 1 hour. And the second day in the same station started...

Yes the second day started.

We were on our work trying to find a transportation to get out of that station. And you know we had only 1 hour sleep. The weather was closed again and our shoes got wet. however there was something good, we were not feeling hunger at all because our stomach got smaller day by day. When we felt tired or got wet we got in that Mc Donald's and sat, we washed our hair, used their toilet. We were such kind and toughtful people that we bought just one burger for 1 euro, c'mon we were using their shop we had to buy something :) we were sitting for hours because we bought a burger. We had some tomatoes, bread and a knife in our bag. We took them out and started chopping the tomatoes on the table in the Mc Donald's. People were looking at us in a weird way but we had no other choice. when the rain stopped we continued hitchhiking. And it was time to sleep again. By the way no one stopped for us. That night was the same we could sleep just for an hour or half more.

The third day...

At about 2:30 am we started shaking in the petrol station again. In that morning just before the sunbirth a truck came and stopped for some petrol. And the driver got into the market. Then he got out, we understood that he was a Turkish man. We met and the man was sorry for us. He wanted to take one of us but we started that journey together and we wanted to finish it together so none of us went with him. He wasn't able to take three of us because of european circumstances he was able to take just one.

During the day we continued hitchhiking and hanging around Mc Donald's. Was it a lucky day? We found three Polish trucks in the garage. We asked them to take us and they said yes an added that they were going to leave on 5pm. Then we took a deep breathe, Thanks God... We went to Mc Donald's to charge our phones.  Suddenly a police car came and stopped in front of the Mc Donald's while we were sitting in there. And Dutch police started looking around, we felt something was wrong. Then suddenly one of them asked us '' Are you the ones who have been here for three days?'' We were shocked and said yes. Then I told them about our situation and added that we found a truck and were leaving on that day around 5 pm. Then they left. Mc Donald's must have complained us. :)

We were hapy because it was almost 5 pm. We went to the garage and there was no truck!!! They lied to us!!!

To Be Continued...

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