February Conference

by ella.v


I got 607 as my SRI score and the target was 600. I think I'm doing well on my fluency and I need to get better at punctuation. I'm doing well in reading on my hard words and I need to work on following the lines. I got a 615 on my SRI. I got on my leader I got 5/10, on vocab I got 12/12, on dust of snow I got 4/10, on let it snow I got 7/11.


In writing I got a 3 on my 3 goals and a 2 on my character study. I think Im well at my spelling and I need to work on staying in subject.  I'm good at word choice and I need to work on spelling. On my persuasive essay I got 18/24, on my settlers and indians I got an 4/6, on my newsela I got a 3.  


In math on my tables I got 5/8 and a 3/6 on reading tables I got a 5/10 on my word problems and on my place value I got a 4/5 and on my addition I got 2/5. I think I need to work on addition. In math I'm good at ruducing fractions I got 7/10 and need to work on elapsed time. On long division I got 6/10, on multiply and division I got 1/5, on unknown numbers I got 4/5, on fractions I got 3/4 in adding and subtracting fractions I got 4/5, on reducing fractions I got 7/10. On our time test I'm on my  nines and its 9/12 on our time test. On my multi digit and division I got 13/28.  


Science Social Studies

In social studies on chapter 4 unit test on gold rush, settlers and indians I got 14/18. On my colorado history test on incentives, economic choices, goods and services I got 18/30. In science we are learning about fossils.


In my behavior I think Im good at listening and I think I could get better at not talking as much.

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