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What Are Story Elements?

A good story contains several key ingredients…

1. Characters are the people, animals, or things the story is about.

2. Setting is where and when the story takes place.

3. Problem are things that happen to the main character that changes the story.

4. Solution is how the problem was solved.

Thought to Ponder

Here is a thought to ponder from Serena Williams, tennis pro. She said, “If you make a mistake, learn from it. Don’t dwell on the past. The only victory would come in learning.” Whether we stumble or your child stumbles on the path of knowledge, it can be a gift. It can be a chance to grow. Stumbling blocks have taught me to look at who I am! One who is always looking for opportunities to learn new ideas and concepts and to change things that are not working. Isn’t this how we move forward in life? Are you putting your best foot forward? If not, why not start today?