Learning to Teach
Day 25: Stations Day 2

Today's lesson seemingly went well. Although I was getting little frustrated because I was running out of instruction sheets because my students kept taking and keeping them when I had said multiple time and had on the directions. So check one, if I ever have handouts again, just make enough for all classes.

The day went well. The class started off with at 3-2-1, 3 things the students had learned, 2 questions they had, and 1 thing overall they liked. I had the directions written out on the board, some students still asked about what they were doing several times. I was patient and kept the activity moving.  It went well, I collected the assignment to put in to the gradebook to add some points, and also my way of taking attendance.

One thing I would have done differently I know more of a plan of my presentations. Which we changed first period before my classes came in. However, I feel that I'm doing better with organization lately. My host teacher recommended me use google forms to enter in students grades, and also have add a reason why section so if a student did not get a good grade, I can write down the reasons why. That way if the student or the parent asks I can pull up the assignment on a google sheet and explain with out having the student's work present.

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