Obama Adresses ISIS

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Obama announces his strategy on dealing with the new terror treat ISIS in a White House address. He states that in order to have a successful campaign against this treat, Iraq will need military support including building an international collation with foreign countries. The President also described the U.S's plan as simple as sending air strikes. Even though he announced he has no plans of sending troops on the ground, he sent 475 military advisers to Iraq. Obama also states that will not hesitate in taking action against ISIS and that his overall object is to "degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS.'

Ideals Realated to This Story

Liberty and Opportunity are linked to this story

ISIS earning the reputation of being an even deadlier threat then Al Quida. Many of there reasons they have earned this role is by taking away the Liberty of citizens in the Middle East and in America. ISIS is terrorizing the Middle East by killing many innocent people, conquering land and forcing women into marriage. But sadly, ISIS is also taking away America's liberty by executing American citizens they have kidnapped and threatening to attack America itself. ISIS is also taking away the opportunity of the people in the Middle East by taking away countless lives, burning down schools and committing robbery. By doing these acts, it is making it harder for the Middle East to grow there economy and ensure that there people live prosfurus lives.

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