Falls Prevention

Hannah Robinson 1st period Foods 1 Date: 2-3-14

Falls Prevention:

1. Always use a step stool or ladder when in the kitchen

2.Fix loose area rugs by securing them to a surface and do not let them remain loose

3. If a spill occurs wipe it up properly and immediately

4. When spraying pans do so over the sink to prevent the spray from making the floor slick

5. Wear proper shoes when in the kitchen

6. Do not walk on the kitchen floor when the floor is wet

7. Caution when the floors are wet

8. Do not have loose cords or electrical plugs dragging across the kitchen floor

Falls First Aid:

- Be careful when some one falls to remember NOT to move the victim and make sure the patient is comfy and seek the proper medical attention

Also do not leave the victim unattended to and stay by their side until it is a safe scene

* Use proper sanitation before touching the victim by washing their hands

Interesting Information!

*Falls in the kitchen are especially seen in the older generation as a result of medical conditions that weaken the bones and muscles such as osteoporosis.

* Keep common use items in reach of the person to whom the kitchen belongs to and prevent over reaching for an item

* Get a step stool with a grip to prevent sliding - It would also be helpful for the step stool to have side rails

*When the time comes to assist to elevate the victim and stand them up it is often found that more than one person is needed. You do not want to over exert yourself and cause damage to your own body

* Those who wear bifocals or have weakening or damaged vision needs to make an extra effort to be cautious of their kitchen surrounding and to get a feels of it before beginning a recipe by knowing where all of the supplies are.

■Slips and falls are the single most common reason for visits to the emergency room.

■More than 3 million food service industry employees and over 1 million guests are injured in slip and fall accidents each year.- Study released by CNA Insurance in June 2007

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