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January 23, 2015

Jets Are Leaders of Their Own Learning

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Speech! Speech!

Speech! Speech! Off the cuff. #jchsfaculty #proudtobeJet

Mrs. Hermann's Public Speaking students are generating speech topics and performing improv speeches. Students jotted down questions on Post-it notes which were displayed in the front of the room. Speakers grabbed a Post-it and had to talk on the subject for a specific amount of time using proper speech giving techniques. Topics varied from high school reunions to bats. The students were in charge of their own learning and actively engaged.  They even gave each other positive feedback and encouragement.

Presentation Feedback

Bio presentations macromolecules. #jchsfaculty #proudtobeJet

Mrs. Williams's biology classes are working on presentation skills while sharing facts about macromolecules. The students constructed PowerPoint presentations pertaining to molecules. They were allowed to give "practice presentations" where other students, in addition to Mrs. Williams, could ask questions on not only the subject being presented but also on presentation skills. Teachers often forget to guide students through how to actually give a good presentation- where do you stand?-how big should the model be for all to see?-how do you handle audience questions? The students were very receptive to receiving guidance on their presentation. Students were teaching each other. What a way to have a voice in your own learning!

Student Led Discussions

Friday's Socratic

The Socratic Seminar is a fabulous way to provide students the opportunity to lead their own learning. Mr. Woodfin uses Socratic Seminar regularly in his AP World History class. Mr. Woodfin requires students to prepare questions and responses ahead of time focusing on the claim-data-commentary protocol. Students must make a claim in their response, give two pieces of data, and commentary. Students then have timed conversations on the political impact of various religions and ideologies including Christianity, Daoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. They could cite data from their notes, textbooks or outside academic sources during their seminar. Socratic Seminars go beyond the history classroom. They can be used to discuss novels in English class, the impact of translations in foreign language class or even the approach to a problem in math or science.

If you would be interested on learning more about Socratic Seminars, please let me know.

Teachers Lead Their Own Learning Through Terminal Tours

This week was the first Terminal Tours of 2015. Terminal Tours are monthly offerings to the faculty by the Instructional Partner. Up to three teachers can join a tour during the second half of their planning block. Teachers are then allowed to select a colleague to go observe. If a tour comes to your room, what a compliment! It means your colleagues want to see the fabulous things you do in your class. After the tours, teachers return to the Instructional Partner's room to debrief and discuss positive take aways. This is a wonderful way for teachers to learn from each other.

If you have not booked a Terminal Tour, the next offering is Thursday, February 12 at 9am, 10:45, 1pm and 2:36. Book your tour today through Mrs. Combs. See what wonderful destinations await you right in your own building!

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