Pilsen, Chicago

Skyla and Nicole- Per. 9

Pilsen, Chicago is home to many Mexican bakery's, murals, and Mexican Art. They have the National Meuseum of Mexican art, and the University of Illinois. Pilsen is located at the lower west side of Chicago. On the east side of the neighborhood is one of Chicagos largest art districts. Pilsen is famous for its murals along 16th street. Pilsen is a great neighborhood and has amazing art! Pilsen is very famous for its beautiful art.

After the great Chicago fire lumber mills, garment finishing, sweat shops, and railroad jobs defined the neighborhood. Many ethnic groups styled in the neighborhood around the 1800s. The ethnic groups were Czech, German, Irish, and Hungarian immigrants. in the late 1960s Pilsen had an increased population of Mexicans. They went to Pilsen because their houses were torn down. Some Central Europeans also settled in Pilsen.

Fun Fact: Author Susan Stybek was born in Pilsen. The typical home value in Pilsen is $90,575

Total Population: 12,917

African or African-American: 2.93%

Asian: 0.46%

Indigenous (North America): 0.05%

Hispanic: 94.02%

Caucasian: 2.45%