S7128F 24 GE + 4 10GE Layer 3 Managed Switch

The UTT S7128F Managed Switch is a 10G IPv6 Ethernet Layer 3 lite switch. It supports IPv6 with hardware and pass the IPv6 form certification Phase II, and comply with the RoHS standard. With the high performance hardware support and rich software features, the switch will match most application for customers.

The UTT S7128F is ideal in the distribution or aggregation layer of large networks to provide long distance fiber connections to aggregate access layer switches that are dispersed in different locations. It is also an excellent choice as a core switch for enterprise customers. S7128F offers 24 GE ports and max 4 10GE ports can deployed at Data Center and as a convergence switch for access switches or DSLAM. With RPS support.

Port Feature
Supports IEEE802.3(10Base-T)
Supports IEEE802.3u(100Base-TX)
Supports IEEE802.3z(1000BASE-X)
Supports IEEE802.3ab(1000Base-T)
Supports IEEE802.3ae(10GBase)
Supports Loopback interface
Supports 9k Jumbo Frame
Supports Port loopback detect
Supports LLDP and LLDP-MED
Supports UDLD
Supports L3 Interface Max 256
Support smart link (or named flexible link)
Port binding(Ipv4 /Ipv6) and IP source guard

Supports 16K MAC addresses
Supports manual setting of time out
MAC binding(Ipv4 /Ipv6), MAC filter, MAC limit

Port Aggregation
Support LACP 802.3ad, max 128 group trunk with max 8 ports for each trunk
Support load balance

IEEEE802.1S(MSTP) Max 48 instance
Root Guard
Bpdu Guard
BPDU forwarding

VLAN Feature
Support port-based 802.1Q, 4096 VLAN
Support QinQ and selective QinQ

IP Application
IP Protocol(IP support both of IPv4 and IPv6)
Default Routing, Static Routing, Black hole route, VLSM and CIDR, VRRP, VRRP v3
Support BFD
ARP guard
Local ARP proxy, Proxy ARP, ARP binding, Gratuitous ARP, ARP limit
Support DCHP Client, Relay, Snooping, Option 82
DHCP Server for IPv4 and IPv6
DHCP v6 and DHCP snooping V6
DNS Client
DNS proxy

IPv4 Routing
Supports RIPv1/2

Reliability and Redundancy Balance
Support MSTP(802.1s)
Support VRRP, LACP load balance
Redundant power supply, power load balancing
Support Firmware & Configure dual fault tolerance backup

Support one to one or any to one mirror

Support 8 hardware queues per port
Support traffic classification based on IEEE 802.1p, ToS, port and DiffServ
Support SP, WRR.SWRR
Support Traffic Shaping Support PRI Mark/Remark

Support standard and expanded ACL
Support IP ACL and MAC ACL
Support ACL based on source/definition IP, MAC, L3 IP, TCP/UDP port number, IP PRI(DSCP,ToS, Precedence), Time
Support time-based security auto-negotiation
ACL rules can be configured to port, VLAN, VLAN routing interfaces
Can be used for QoS classification

MAC based authentication
S-ARP: ARP inspection, defense ARP-DOS attack and address clone
Anti-Sweep: prevent pingSweep
S-ICMP: resist PING-DOS attack, ICMP unreachable attack
S-Buffer: prevent DDOS attack
Switch engine CPU protection
Key message priority: secure processing of key legal messages
Port credit: inspect illegal DHCP Server, Radius Server.Connection via credit port only
Advanced LPM: filter "Bluster", "zero day" and "SQL slammer warm"
Support URPF, avoid IP address clone
All the above technologies efficiently prevent various DOS attack (e.g. ARP, Synflood, Smurf,ICMP attack), support ARP monitoring, defense Worm, Bluster, check sweep and raise alarm
Support 802.1X
Port, MAC, username based
Support account based on time length and traffic
Support guest vlan and auto vlan
Work with private client can manage P2P traffic
MAC Based AAA(Client free access)
PPPOE/PPPOE+ forwarding
Support RADIUS for IPv4 and IPv6

Management and maintenance
Support CLI, Console(RS-232), Telnet (Ipv4/Ipv6), SSH(Ipv4/Ipv6),SSL connection
Support WEB based NMS
Support SNMPv1/v2c/v3 for IPv4, SNMPv1/v2c for IPv6
Support MIB Support RMON 1, 2, 3, 9
Sflow for IPv4 and IPv6
Support, RAM, Telnet, SSH Console, Syslog server
Strict access control by ACL
Access Switch through AAA or Local Authentication
Support SNTP and NTP Setup time zone and Daylight Saving time
Supervise abnormity of task, memory, CPU, stack, switch chip, temperature and raise alarm Sflow for IPv4 and IPv6
Ping and trace route command
Configuration file storage
Command operation log
Support FTP/TFTP server or client upgrade
Support X-modem protocol transfer the file

UTT switch: http://uttglobal.com/products.php?typeid=10