First man to go to space

By : Cindy Do

Yuri's middle name is Alekseyvick. Yuri was born on the 9 March 1934 in Russia near Gzhatsk, west of Moscow on a collective farm. He died in a plane crash (accident) on the 27 March 1968 near Moscow. He was buried in Russia Moscow. Yuri was not married and he died when he was 34. Yuri studied about space for six years then he graduated from Soviet Air Force and became a pilot in the Soviet Union's Air Force, cosmonaut.

Yuri was the first human to go to space and orbit Earth. He went 203 MILES ( 327 kilometers )  above Earth. The flight lasted for 108 minuets ( 1 hour and 48 minuets. Yuri circled Earth once on 12 April 1961. He only flew one space mission. The space craft he traveled in was controlled by a computer program but if there was an emergancy he would take the key from a special box so that he could control the space craft him self. There was a computer program that controlled his space craft because he was the first man to go to space. If he controlled it him self  he would not know where to go.

Yuri is well known for being the first man to go to space and for orbiting Earth. He landed on Earth by a parachute. His space craft's name is Vostok 1. He has affected our lives today by discovering lots of different things and showing to everyone that you can travel to space.