Never let anyone ever try to enter-fear with your goals in life.

Michael Phelps

One of the fastest and well known swimmers in the world.

Michael Phelps with his gold medal at the 2012 Olimpics.

Michael Phelps was born on June 30th, 1985

Significant Events in History that Affected Michael Phelps Life

  • Michael couldn't swim at age five
  • Michael's parents divorced
  • Michael entered the Olympics when he got older

Michael Phelps Childhood

Michael was born on June 30th, 1985. When Michael was around the age of five, him, his two sisters, and his parents moved to Maryland in Baltimore. There is a pool where they lived about fifteen minutes away, this lead to his passion for swimming.

People Who Influenced Mike's Life

His two sisters named Hilary and Whitney, both older than Michael, joined a swimming class.

His Father wanted all of his children to be professional swimmers.

Unique facts about Michael

  • When he was five, he didn't know how to swim.
  • The NBAC (North Baltimore Athletic Club) trained Michael to swim.
  • When he got better at swimming, he trained with people five to six feet taller than him


  • Michael broke three world records in the Olympic games.
  • When Michael was in the Olympics he won three gold medals and two silver medals

The theme of Mike's life was...

Never let anyone ever try to enter-fear with your goals.

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