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A funny series of upside-down chin face videos

P.S. The background is themed as the color of skin to represent a chin.

         I have been making chin series for a long time. I am now opening a website of the series now! It is called the B Boys Chin Blog. A website that gives the viewers a little help of what is happening in the video. The videos are edited too.


b boys chin show season I theme song

b boys chin show episode 0

        This is the original episode of the B Boys Chin Show! The name of the series used to be "The Chin Show". But the name of the show was different when my Mom named the series. She called it "The B Boys Ben and Brody presents The Chin Show". I thought it was too long for a episode name. So one year later, I changed the name of the series to "B Boys Chin Show". By the way ,this video was made on July 27 2011.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   There are actually 3 characters in the episode/introduction. Shown first, Chrischin. Shown after him, Chinster. Up last but not actually last, the Narrator Barbara Tooker.

b boys chin kids presents: labor park 2012 unedited and trimmed

                  Labor Day  is a great time to be with family, friends, and maybe go on outings. How about a pretend park? How do these crazy chins spend their Labor Day? I bet it will be the silliest day in chin park! Notice the chins get sleepier towards the end. And now it is unedited!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
                                                                        Rated  Pg.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

b boys chin show season I episode I


           The first episode of the B Boys Chin Show! In this episode Chrischin and Chinster fell of their spaceship and lost their team and powers. Then, they see the meanest and  hungriest  minion monster they will face.      

                                                         This is rated PG.

                In this episode, The b boys go through a portal to The Double Planet. Their powers are still lost and they see that their spaceship is guarded. Then, they find two lost team mates. Find out who they are in this episode.                                                                                                                        

b boys chin show season I episode II

B Boys Chin Show Season I episode III

b boys chin show season I episode IV

b boys chin show season I episode VI

b boys chin show season I episode VII

Characters in the episode/ the ending: Deva Chin up first. Chrischin up next. Mister Fufu Chin then. Chinster up 4th. Australopithecus/Lucy Chin after him. Chinsey is almost last. Grammy Chin is last but not LEAST. Because after Grammy Chin said "she is tired", the chins also start to get in a riot at the end.

b boys chin show season I episode VIII

B Boys Chin Show season I episode IX

b boys chin show season I Episode X

B Boys Chin Show season I episode XI

b boys chin show season I episode XII

Chin Kids

My Chin Episode Intro

episode I:"Chins in Space"[2012]                              episode III:"Save Chinsey"[2012]     

episode II:"Lost on Double Planet"[2012]                  episode IV:"The Discovery of Moon Helium"[2012]

episode V: Season  Finale: "The Ultimate Chin Battle" [2013]    

episode VI: "Vacachin Special"[2012]                        episode VII:"A Silly Labor Park Special"[2012]

episode VIII:"Hallochin Special"[2012]           episode X:"Behind the Scenes in Chins in Space"[2012]  

episode IX:"Chingle Bells Special"[2012]                 

 episode XI:"Behind the Scenes in Lost on Double Planet"

episode XII:"Behind the Scenes in the Discovery of Moon helium

The Chin team

               The Chin Team are chins with special powers. Chins that are on the team use their powers for good, that's why in season 1 episode 5 Master Space Monster was not on the Chin team. Why? all the other things that he had done were good. The only reason he was not on the chin team was that  he was not good. He was truly acting good in episode 5. But a piece of his memory was there so even a bit of evil in the mind can cause a chin not to be worthy, because everyone knows something will trigger it to go from 1%to 6%to 22%,and etc. evil.You might be wondering how else you have to do to be on the chin team. You have to be in two episodes, you must be a chin that would always be in a episode the most times you can. There is one more separate way of getting on the chin team, the chin test. In the chin test, you have to answer questions about each episode. I have listed all the chins in the team in order below.

I.Chrischin   III.Chinchilita   V.Double Chin   VII.Aunt Chinnie                                                                      II.Chinster     IV.Chinsey      VI.Chinchilla       VIII.Grammy Chin                                                                                               

Chrischin's power is Digital Dare Devil.   First appearance: first look in the first line in B Boys Chin Show Episode 0.                                                                                                                                      Chinster's power is Rocket Boost.    First appearance: second look in the first line in B Boys Chin Show Episode 0.                                                                                                                                       Double Chin's power is Double Destruction. First appearance: first line in B Boys Chin Show Season 1 Episode 1.                                                                                                                                                               Chinchilita's power is vocal vengeance. First appearance: twelth line in B Boys Chin Show Season 1 Episode 2.


Voting Rules

monthy Election: What Is Your Favorite Epidsode?

       I am adding something called "Chin Voting" to this website. Voters will vote in the comments. They will be voting for the monthly election. It might take longer than a month. Maybe two. If you want to put a regular comment, DO NOT put the word vote in the comment. If you are voting, put the word VOTE in the box. The winning vote will be displayed on a funny-edited video, or even Chinwood!

Chin Voting Result Chart

           The voting lists are the results of the voting results of the voting.You should check them out if you have time to. Don't forget to vote. Go to the voting rules above.

Month 1:What is Your Favorite Episode?

"Chins in Space":                   "Save Chinsey!":                                    [Not Made]                                                                                           "Lost on Double Planet":        "The Discovery of Moon Helium:           Vacachin Special:

"Labor Day":1          "Chinmas":              Voters:S1 E7:Ryan


How To Understand Roman Numerals

I=1   II=2   III=3   IV=4   V=5   VI=6   VII=7   VIII=8   IX=9   X=10   XI=11   XII=12   XIII=13   XIV=14   XV=15   XVI=16   XVII=17   XVIII=18   XIX=19   XX=20      If You want more tell me in the comments.


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