Should We Look Up?

In response to the viral video "Look Up."

Lately many people have been talking about the viral video "Look Up" from which a man that is using internet to become known is telling us to put down technology. Not only that but after his video ends with "put down your phone" and "break away from society's ideas" he posts another video, defying his other video's purpose. "Put down your phone, but watch my next youtube video!" is basically what he's telling us all.

Then again I see the mans point, but really? You're telling us to put down our technology but you pick up your's to make even more videos that you told us to not even watch.

Why do you make us feel guilty when most likely at that exact moment you were commenting or sharing a post. "Enough is enough" okay I get it but what if that person I ask directions from is a mugger, kidnapper, or molester. That's why I don't give up the comfort of having all knowledge in the palm of my hand because I know that even if I'm alone I've protected myself from many dangers.  Just by touching the screen I can call for help, while tweeting, and liking a post on instagram, what more could I need?

"Today is the day for technology. It's not necessary and not something for you to abuse." It's weird how when someone claims to be giving you life advice breaks the rules themselves. I've never heard of such a hypocrite.

Next time you tell me to put down my phone, put down yours too. See how you like it.

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