New Venture Creation

May 28th 2014, from 10-16 in Lund, Sweden

On May 28th 2014 the Entrepreneurs of the future, studying M.Sc in Entrepreneurship, will hold their annual TradeShow for investors and potential customers to show off their projects and companies they intend to set up. This is a once a year opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to see the 14 projects, students at the prestige M.Sc. of Entrepreneurship Program at Lund University have started and developed over the last 9 months.

The Trade Show will be on May 28th 2014 in Ljusgården in Holger Crafoords Economicentrum (See map below) from 10:00–16:00.

You do not want to miss this once a year opportunity to see new creations, emerging companies and entrepreneurs of the future.

We do not need to tell you more. Save the date and we'll see on on May 28th.

Here is a short video of the 2013 TradeShow... The 2014 one is going to be even better!


10.00 Start of TradeShow.

10.30 Workshop 1 on Opportunity Recognition

11.30 Workshop 2 on Opportunity Recognition

12.00 Entrepreneurship challenge

12.30 Social project presentations (Hire HQ, SoulKlik, Blue)

13.00 Winner of TradeShow Treasure Hunt (Part 1) Announced

13.00 Technology project presentations (GitGo, Rapid, Vano)

14.00 Food project presentations (True Nordic, Cheffa.nu, Thai, CouCou, Cook'n'Smile)

15.00 Green project presentations (Nordgröna, 360, Green3)

15.50 Winner of TradeShow Treasure Hunt (Part 2) Announced

16.00 End of TradeShow.

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