Final Project

By: Blake McReavy


This is a promotional poster for the TV show House M.D. aired on FOX Monday nights at 8/7 central time. This is a good poster because the main character, Dr. Gregory House, is largely featured in the ad. Along with that his face is covered in bright white and red paint that contrasts the pale blue and black backdrop nicely. This poster is shocking in a way due to the "scare factor" or Dr. House's clown inspired face paint which is good because it catches the viewers attention quite well. I personally have seen and enjoy this show very much, and I think this is a very good promotion because it reflects the character of Dr. House exceptionally well; mysterious, eerie, yet pleased perhaps with the unorthodox style this advertisement used, which is a great insight into his personality.


This is a trailer for the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This movie series has been one of the most successful of all time, and the series has gained a very dedicated following of movie lovers, book worms, and suspense seekers throughout the years. With that being said, this is the latest and final movie of the series, so the trailer is extremely important in order to end the series with a bang in the box office. Some strategies Warner Brothers use in this trailer that are particularly effective in my opinion are the following: "Tease the plot line, but leave them wanting more" "Use clips that show part of the climax of the movie" and "Use clips that depict the general feel of the movie." This is an extremely suspenseful, action packed, cliff hanger movie trailer that teases the plot line exceptionally well. Also, the trailer does a great job at depicting the overall feel of the movie; dark, tense, action packed, eerie, and borderline uncomfortable. As a whole this movie trailer was done quite well.


1. Promotion - This in my opinion is the most important strategy because if the movie isn't promoted, let alone promoted well, the general public will not know about the movie and thus probably fail in the box office. Particularly movie trailers, movie posters, and internet advertisements are the best ways to promote the movie in my opinion because they allow the distributor to give the audience a sense of what the movie is about, who is featured in the film, the overall genre of the movie, and most importantly it allows the audience to build some form of emotional connection with the film.

2. Social Media - Social media in my opinion is the second most important movie marketing strategy because it is a quick, simple, and easy to access form of advertisement. Not only is social media easy to use, but it is also extremely cost effective. Movie companies can use different forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine. These different sites each access new viewers, and provide fans with different forms of advertisements to become interested in, whether it is pictures, tweets, pages, updates, or small videos.

3. Distribution - Of course, the movie needs to be distributed in order for fans to see it, so this is also an extremely important strategy when it comes to movie marketing. The movie first needs to be distributed to the general public in movie theaters around the country and possibly the world. After the time spent in the theaters however the movie should be distributed to other movie viewer friendly locations such as Redbox, Netflix, in stores, on the internet, etc. When this is accomplished it becomes more convenient for other viewers to see and thus continues to build the general movie viewing audience around the world.


I personally don't see movies changing drastically in the near future simply because people generally enjoy watching movies for the first time in theaters due to the ambiance and experience of seeing the movie on a large screen. After the theaters then, people tend to seek for more of the thrill of the movie through social media, movie release to the public, etc. With that being said, if I see one thing changing significantly over time it will be the access viewers have to the movie online through the internet. Right now it is often times illegal to watch movies on the internet at movie viewing websites, so I believe that movie distributors might try to access those types of sites and use them to stream their movies on the internet for profit. This eliminates the inconvenience of seeing movies at a specific time in theaters by giving the viewer access to the movie whenever is convenient for them. I also foresee social media growing tremendously over the years which will aid in the different ways people can access the movies in new ways whether on the internet or through some other source.


One type of TV show I have always been interested in is shows about doctors or hospitals such as House M.D. or Do No Harm, so if I were to make a new show it would be in that category. This would be an effective show because nearly all big "powerhouse" doctor shows have stopped airing, so there is an open market for that idea. I would make it a spin off of House M.D. and do a follow up show basically picking up where it left off with the new characters and plot setup. It would be called The Journey, and it would basically be about Dr. Gregory House and his dying best friend James Wilson spending their last six months together before James is expected to pass. They would go on many different adventures, spend time doing the different activities they have always done together, and have occasional medical troubles that would require the help of the two men. This would give viewers of the original show a sense of closure for what happens, and also continue to build an even stronger emotional connection with the audience. To promote the show I would have FOX air different trailers and commercials, and I would do lots of PR with House and Wilson in particular to start to build the hype back up from where it left off. We also could have fans write in with their ideas of how they think the best friends should spend their time together, and provide FOX with a medical charity of their choice, and if their ideas are used on the show the network will donate all proceeds from the specific episode to the designated charity. This will build a cause for watching and participating in the show, and thus make it a wild success.

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