Scott Krautman - A Golfer's Paradise

Scott Krautman says that the State of Florida may well be a golfer's paradise. He was born and raised in the Ocala area and began playing golf as a high school student. The ability to play all year long, he says, has gone a long way toward giving him a very impressive golf game.

There are some fifteen hundred golf courses in Florida, Scott Krautman likes to boast, and he says that if he had enough time he would make an effort to play at all of them. But that isn't a realistic goal. He says that he has learned over the years that a big part of having a good golf game is attitude, and mental discipline, as well as the fundamental mechanics of the game. He says that people who are new to golf but pay attention to certain aspects of the game are going to improve a little bit more, every time they head out to the golf course.

One of the hardest parts of the game is the chip shot, says Scott Krautman. But using gap wedges, lob wedges and sand wedges can be used to great effect. He also says that better and smarter iron play will improve a player's game. Each player should have a good idea how far he or she can hit the ball with a normal swing, and apply that knowledge to their play. It can help you, for example, avoid taking a club that you can hit 150 yards with, and using it to try to hit the ball 180 yards.

More than a third of a player's score is going to be from the putting game, says Scott Krautman, so it is wise to practice putting as much as possible. He likes to go to the putting practice green with ten golf balls, lay them out in a line extending from the hole, and then start putting with the ball closest to the hole. He moves steadily further until the last shot is about a ten foot putt.

Golf can be frustrating, he says, but with practice most players can improve.

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