Self-Reflection Danielle David
A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Careers include:

- Human Services

- Architecture and Construction

- Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

My Key Interest Areas - ESA

Enterprising: People with interests in Enterprising like work activities with starting projects and carrying them out. These kind of people like to make decisions and persuade and direct others.

Social: People with Social interests like to assist other people with reaching personal development and promote learning. They like to give advice and be helpful.

Artistic: People with Artistic interests like to use self expression in their work. They prefer work that doesn't have mandatory rules to follow.  

Careers I Would Consider:


Marriage and Family Therapist

Genetic Counselor

My Personality Traits - ESFJ

People with the ESFJ personality type are concerned with fashion and appearence over scientific theories and European politics. ESFJ's love to be helpful and care for others but expect appreciation and value in return.

E- Extraverted: People with the Extraverted trait are outgoing, enjoy spending time with others, are social, practical, and appear affectionate.

S- Sensing: People with the Sensing trait like to focus on the realistic and practical aspect of things.

F- Feeling: People with the Feeling trait like to make decisions based on what their heart is saying rather than their head. Feelers are passionate, easily hurt, empathetic, warm, and caring of others.

J- Judging: People with the Judging personality trait like order and having a plan. These people are structured, make plans, decisive, organized, and responsible.

Careers I would Consider:



Hotel Manager

Social Worker

Fitness Trainer

My Strongest Skill Areas





Safety of Others

Careers I Would Consider:

School Psychologist


Marriage and Family Therapist

Social Worker


My Work Value Locator






Careers I Would Consider:

Genetic Counselor


School Counselor



What I Learned About Myself

I learned that the careers I wanted are the same as the ones suggested based on my skills and values. I also learned the same thing with my personality traits. The personality traits I got I think are very accurate based on my feelings and point of view. I think most of the results I got were true.

Favorite Quote

" Everything happens for a reason"

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