Stephen Briggs

Mrs. G 6th

English IV AP

13 May 2015

Part I

  • 1.) Synopsis of book /character descriptions- Athos, a previous musketeer, vows his vengeance after King Louis XIV and causes the death of his son. After he gathers Porthos and Aramis, he creates a plan to free a prisoner rumored to be the king's twin brother, and then install him on the throne. However, the three musketeers must also contend with their old friend D'Artagnan, who has remained in the king's service. D’Aratagnan shows both his loyalty to the king and his friends. He is loyal to his friends by helping them and loyal to the king by doing very dirty deed he commands of him.
  • 2.) Love is one of the major themes that exist in both the book and film. There are many different types of love in The Man in the Iron Mask. The first type of love in the novel is the love that the four fellows share throughout their journey and adventures. The next type of love is the love between a father and a son. Athos and Raoul's love for one another transcends physical limitations of time and space. There is also Raoul's unrequited love for his former fiancé, Louise de la Valliere, which is even stronger than his love for his father. Another theme is loyalty. In The Man in the Iron Mask, loyalties are continually being pitted against each other. Characters in the novel are always expected to first be loyal to the King, but this requirement sometimes conflicts with loyalties to friends, family, or self-interest. Another theme that is very relevant is memory and the past. Throughout the novel, there past as four young and courageous men haunt the four friends. The past in The Man in the Iron Mask is thus held dear as it embodies the age of romantic chivalry – an age which is clearly slipping away.
  • 3.) In a scene with King Louis XIV and Mlle. de la Valliere, they are talking as they are seated together.  Mlle. de la Valliere has a very long necklace in that scene, however, close up it appears higher on his neck. This is significant mostly because of the mysterious environment and questioning of the filming. In one chase scene, a character fires a pistol three times in quick succession. This scene is important because it is completely relevant to the real world that these “characters” lived in.
  • 4.) Leonardo is one of the main actors of this film surrounded by some of the worlds most talented actors. The cast around him is very well known and consists of Gabriel Byrne, John Malkovich, Gerard Depardieu and Jeremy Irons. I would consider this to be Lepnardo's first major film because of the attributes his character posseses.  His charachter truly gives this film the flavor the audience craves
  • Part 2
  • In this movie, DiCaprio is a great actor, along with the three musketeers. There is plenty of action with little blood and some sexual content. I think it went at an easy-to-follow pace. In general, the plot of this movie grabs the attention of the audience. However instead of The man in the iron mask turning out to be Louis' twin brother, Phillipe who was imprisoned & covered with an iron mask because his likeness placed a threat on Louis' thrown, it could’ve been someone different such as Raoul who despites the king. Raoul’s courtship was going well until the King took an interest in the woman.  La Valliere chose the King. If the Raoul had been the man in the iron mask, this would have posed a much bigger physical threat to the king. Instead, his twin brother means no harm to the king. In addition, the sex content in this film should be limited because of the irrelevance it consists of. I would also propose that the three musketeers would be more confident hero’s who did not come off boring occupations as they did in the movie. In addition, the setting and environment of the movie was rather mellow and boring. I would propose to involve fascinating sites such as mountains or a large body of water in the distance. Overall, I have no problem with the plot as a whole, but the setting and surroundings of the characters could have been improved with a more attractive scene.
  • Part 3
  • The king knows one of the most significant musketeers, D’artagnan, for his loyalty and service. D’artagnan is the only remaining musketeer that is in service of the king. He is also proven to be very braving, clever, and athletic. He is the muscle man of the king who does all of his dirty work. Whether it is killing someone or doing hard labor, D’artagnan proves to be very trustworthy through his actions and consistency. However, his physical appearance strook many as a pretty boy with no skill. He was very handsome and had his way with the ladies. Even with his looks and fashion, D’artagnan proved to be one of the most elite sportsman and fencer in the kingdom. One of his most important scenes in the movie was when the King orders D'Artagnan to capture Belle-Isle and its inhabitants, including his two best friends, Porthos and Aramis. D'Artagnan tries to obey the order anyway without injuring his friends. This proves to be impossible, and D'Artagnan resigns rather than fire upon Aramis and Porthos. This specific scene in the movie reveals that king Louis is not satisfied with D'Artagnan and his sympathy towards his friends. With the ambition that the king holds to dominate the land and have complete dominance, the deeds of D'Artagnan eventually begin to lose trust from the flustered king. I personally thing that Johnny Depp would have thrived in this role for many reasons. For the first reason, Jonny has the swagger and attractiveness that the girls want to see. Secondly, he has played many roles such as pirates of the Caribbean (etc.…).
  • Part 4
  • The costumes that are used in this movie perfectly portray the ways in which they dressed back then. In addition, as seen in the image above, their hairstyle reflect their correlation with one another and tyle that they carried. The setting that takes place in this movieis rather beautiful
  • As you can see, the background consists with a beautiful blue toned base of water with a massive rock.
  • Here is a picture of the castle used in the film. Besides its gorgeous location, this castle is also known for its placement for strategic reasons. The music that exists in this film is rather harmonic and simplistic. If this were a musical or something along those lines, the filmwould be an epic failure. However, since the action, love scenes, and conversations, there is a reason for the low-key yet crucial music.

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