Curtis Burlingame

One of my favorite things to do is race bmx. That is the only sport I do and its really fun. Most of the time i am in the air like the picture shows (But i am not in the picture). I used to play baseball but when i heard about bmx i quite baseball to do bmx.

3 Interesting Things About Me


One of my favorite sports is bmx. I have been racing bmx for 6 years and so far its been really fun. It is the best sport I have done in my entire life. I have been doing the state series for 3 years. The first year I did it i got 8th i state for 12 intermediate, the second year i got 3rd in state for 13 expert, and this passed years i got 3rd in state for 14 expert.  


On of the other things i like to do is hunt. I have been hunting for 4 years and it has been fun all 4 years. Even though I have not gotten anything i still enjoy going hunting. I have shot at 1 deer and I have never found it which made me mad. I go out hunting for two seasons bow hunting and rifle.


One of the other sports I play is basketball. I have played basketball for 4 years and i played for the school 2 years. I played in 7th grade and 8th grade. My favorite Collage basketball teams is the Spartans. My favorite NBA team is the New York Knicks.

Three Goals

One of my goals is to get straight A's this year. I will work hard in all my classes and pay attention in class.

My second goal is to get first place in the state for 14 expert for BMX. I will race as hard as i can at the state races and don't crash.

My third goal is to get enough money to build a good set of wheels for my bike. I will shovel in the winter and mow grass in the summer and do a good job.

Place I Want To Visit

One place i would like to visit is Tokyo Japan. One reason why I would want to visit Tokyo is because I like to hear how other people talk and try to figure out what there saying. Plus i also like their food that they have there.

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