My PAAC Portfolio 2014-2015
From what I learned this year

1) E-mails and Blogs are for us to use to send mail to people from online. Blogs are for us to use to talk how we feel or talk about a topic you have.

2) Digital Photography is for to make your own pictures on Photoshop or edit the photo anyway you want like this photo edit.

3) Keynote presentation is when someone is making a presentation to a company  or for a school project.

4) Video Production is use for to make a video that you want to make like a short movie about yourself to your friends.

5)Sound Engineering is to make a video but only with your voice and doesn't any picture or video.

6)Photoshop is when you get to change how a photo looks or combine two photos together like this one

7) Desktop Publishing/Pages is when you make a report paper online for something you have to do for class.

8) Animation is when you make animated video like a cartoon or like anime show like Dragon Ball Z or Bleach.

9)Fashion Design is when you can make your own fashion of clothes like the shirt and pants I made in my other one

10) Game Design is when you get to learn on how to make your own game from the basics of game designing.

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