Theme Connection Activity
"The Pedestrian"

By: Isabelle Bonner and Chandler Carter

Corruption in Society

"Obama congratulates Michael Sam, first openly gay player drafter by the NFL"

This article relates to the short story because the corruption of society is present throughout both. In "The Pedestrian", the man is arrested for walking, a normal daily task, which proves that the society is corrupted. This relates to the topic of gays because a person should not be judged for having feelings, a normal aspect of human life. While the man in "The Pedestrian" is being questioned for why he is out at an odd hour while everyone else is in their house watching television or tied up with technology. The topic of gays is not the purpose for this connection, it is that Sam cannot express his feelings on national television without being judged. This shows the corruption of society because whenever someone openly used to come out as gay, they would be applauded. President Obama congratulated Michael Sam for being the first NFL player to come out as openly gay, but the fans and teammates do not know how they feel about a gay person being in the locker room or on the field with them, but when they really should be following President Obama's lead of accepting everyone.

Connection to Fahrenheit 451

The corruption of society is portrayed as a theme throughout the poem, the article, Fahrenheit 451 and our short story "The Pedestrian." In "The Pedestrian" the society is corrupt because he is walking outside while everyone is inside and the police arrested him for public disturbance when all he is doing is walking. In Fahrenheit 451, the society is corrupt because of the overdependence on technology, as Mildred was being pulled out of the parlor, which she called "[her] family" (Bradbury 65)  she was yelling "Poor family, poor family, oh everything gone, everything, everything gone now...."(Bradbury 108). The corruption of society is also shown in our article because gays used to be applauded but now it is being discouraged to be on the same NFL team as Michael Sam. Lastly, corruption in society is shown in the poem because everyone is fake to each others faces and goes behind their backs while being unnecessarily rude. Also, wealth can ruin a person and how it makes them feel superior to others of less wealth.

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