Master Explorer from Lithuania plans to explore the new world for France!

I am a Lithuanian explorer and would like to explore the rest of the world for France! I would like to leave from France to go to the new world in 1530!  King Francis, I would like for you to fund my exploration to the new world.  I will bring you gold and furs in return.  Also, I will look for war supplies to bring back for later wars, and if I an able to bring back lots of gold, you will be wealthier than ever before.  I will go to west of the new found land because many people are on the east coast, so the west will be completely ours.  If we run into other explorers, I will try to come to an agreement, however if the situation gets out of control and they attack, we will have to fight.  We might be attacked, so you will have to provide me and my crew with weapons.   On the way there, we may faced obstacles such as pirates and sea monsters.  If we encounter pirates, we will have to fight to keep our lives and our goods.  However, if we encounter a sea monster, there may not be much we can do besides try and avoid it.  I will try and keep away of the places that are known to have them.   When we reach the new found land, I promise I will claim you all the land we find!


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