Frankenstein By: Johnny Long

Written by Mary Shelley

The book starts off with Robert Watlon and his crew trying to find a passageway to the north pole, but they get stuck in ice. They find Victor Frankenstein and he begins to tell his story.

Victor describes how his parents met, how he was born, how he was an only child for five years, and how his family adopted a young girl named Elizabeth. Then his mother became pregnant and he received a brother at the age of 7.

When Victor is seventeen his mother dies from an illness.

Victor attends Ingolstadt University after his mother's death. Victor mainly studies science. He also expands his studies into anatomy.

Victor has now become very fascinated with his studies and neglects everything but them. He learns everything that his professors have to teach him. He then acquires a laboratory and creates a monster out of human parts.

One night Victor sees the monster in the dark of his house. Victor freaks out and leaves his house for a while. He comes back and realizes that the monster is now roaming freely. Victor falls ill and his friend, Henry, takes care of him for months.

Victor receives word that his younger brother has died. While Victor is on his way back to Geneva, he spots the monster. He then realizes that Justine, a family friend, was set up for the crime.

Justine confesses to the crime to gain salvation and she is executed. Victor feels guilty for the false accusations towards Justine, so he contemplates suicide. Alphonse, Victor's father takes the whole family on a trip to their vacation home in order to cheer everyone up.

Victor begins to journey through the valley of Chamounix and the scenery begins to raise his spirits. When he reaches the top of the mountain, he sees the monster. He threatens to kill the monster, but the monster persuades him to hear his story.

The monster begins to tell Victor about how he learned to survive in the wilderness. One day while wondering around, he finds a hut. He wonders in and scares a man out with just his presence.

Later the monster wonders into an abandoned hovel next to a cottage. He notices that he can see into the cottage next to him. He is able to learn how to read, write, and speak just by watching these people.

The monster forms a rough history of the cottagers through eavesdropping. They were forced to move from France, where they had everything, to this small village in Germany, where they have almost nothing.

The monster notices a piece of paper in his pocket. It turns out Victor left this paper in his pocket and the monster realizes the horrific manner in which he was made. For some reason, the monster tries to show himself to the cottagers, but he scares them so he flees.

The monster is angry so he burns down the cottage that he stalked. He heads back to Geneva where he crosses paths with William, Victor's little brother, and frames him. He then tells how he framed Justine for the murder.

The monster proceeds  to ask Victor for a mate. The monster argues that he deserves a mate because he is so lonely. Victor declines at first, but later accepts his offer.

Victor needs to travel to London to gather more information about making another monster. His father, himself, and Henry travel to London. Victor parts ways with them when they get there so that he can start creating the monster.

The monster approaches Victor to check on his progress, which is when Victor kills his mate. The monster is furious and flees. Before he left, he told Victor that he would be at his wedding.

Victor decides to get on a boat and float miles away from the shore to escape society. It takes him a while before he comes back to shore. When he finally gets back to shore, he is in Ireland and is convicted of murder.

Victor is brought before the magistrate where he is convicted of murder. Victor is then shown the dead body for the first time and he realizes that it's Henry. He goes into severe shock which leads to illness. He wakes up a few months later in monster in prison where is father is waiting for him. He waits for Victor to become innocent, which he is, and then they head back to Geneva.

Victor arrives back in Geneva and he grows nervous as his wedding with Elizabeth is coming up. Elizabeth fears that he is cheating, but he assures her that he isn't. They finally get married and head back their cottage they have for the night.

Victor gets nervous while they are at the cottage so he goes outside to search for the monster. Then, he hears a horrifying scream and the realizes that the monster wanted to kill Elizabeth, not him. Victor tells his dad, and it kills his dead because of the shock.

Victor now sets out to kill the monster. He follows to the monster to the arctic. This is when Victor comes across Walton's boat.

Victor later dies of depression on the boat. Walton walks up to Victor's dead body and sees the monster. The monster describes how lonely he is now and how he has nothing. The monster leaves the boat with his mind set on suicide.

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