The 2015
7 Day Aliveness Challenge
Facilitated by Shiloh Sophia


Taking the Seven Day
Aliveness Challenge
is like a 7 day

Wake Up class

from Shiloh Sophia!

Here’s how it works:

Each morning an e-mail was sent to me guiding, supporting, provoking and inspiring me to take ACTION on aliveness in my own life. These inquiries are like dares that eventually begin to change how I began to relate to myself and my life.

Even though Shiloh states each action is only 5-10 minutes, and so yes, you have time for this….even if you just read it. It took me hours. Yes, I was ready for ALIVENESS, and  wanted to get the ideas lighting up in my mind and heart. I was Ready and I was Set,

I was ready to become more alive to what I love.

Yes – the springtime has need of you.
Often a star has awaited upon you to glimmer, did you notice it?
A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past,
or as you passed beneath an open window,
a violin yielded itself to someone.
All this was a sacred trust.
Did you rise to the call? – Rilke

Dearest Most Alive and Thriving Wilda,


You are invited to be unreasonable for the next 7 days on your own behalf. This is your cosmic calling card to awaken the wild self and see what she wants you to stir up in your life.

DAY ONE: Prune and Sprout

  • Make a list of 5 ways you feel are not useful/no more/cause deadness/ that you are willing to LET GO OF.
  • 1. I feel not good enough must keep learning
  • 2. I feel confused about outcomes and future
  • 3. I feel overwhelmed and not sure doing too much or too little
  • 4. I feel I must be perfect
  • 5. I feel immobilized
  • Take at least one action to eliminate one of those ways - today. Prune off the dead branches.
  • I Created a calendar and google reminder to keep me reminded of what top 10 success steps and practices that need to happen daily to create a basic daily routine and a body of ease.
  • What will that be for you?
  • I believe this action will keep me focused. It is a dedicated workable plan with a time line
  • E-mail, text or Facebook at least one person with what you are pruning.

  • 2. Now make a list of the 5 things that bring you aliveness, that make you feel like you are LIVING. That you are calling INTO your life and choosing as a way of being in ALIVENESS.
  • 1.Singing,Dancing, and exercising brings me aliveness
  • 2.Hanging out with like minded people brings me aliveness
  • 3. Working as a trainer, speaker, facilitator to students or parents or project manager brings me aliveness
  • 4.Traveling on a trip brings me aliveness
  • 5.Being an artist and being creative brings me aliveness
  • Pick at least one of them as your meditation affirmation for today.
  • Write that affirmation down
  • I have fun everyday by singing, dancing, being with like minded people and participating in activities I love or activities that uplift me.
  • I am a success magnet and I attract success in whatever I do.
  • Being successful is my natural state of being. I think only of success.
  • I am solution oriented. All problems are solvable.
  • All my actions are aimed at reaching my goal. I achieve my goals one after the other.
  • I utilize all ethical channels to become successful. I leave no stone unturned to find success.
  • I always spot opportunities and utilize them. New doors are always opening for me.
  • I am in charge of my life. I always take the correct decision and that decision always leads to success.
  • The power is within me. I learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future.
  • I am in charge of my emotions, desires and abilities. I focus only on success.
  • I realize that success is a result of right thinking and hard work. I excel in both.
  • I am always prepared. Hence, luck always favors me.
  • Success for me is an ongoing process. After one success, I focus on another.
  • I am free of negative thinking. I embrace only positive thoughts.
  • I see success in everything I do. Small successes build up into large success for me.
  • I am a man/woman of action and a man/woman of vision. Naturally, success is the only outcome of whatever I do.
  • Success is my birth right and I will achieve it. Thought, determination and action always results in success.
  • I am inspired, enthusiastic and success bound. My journey ends only after achieving success.
  • I deserve to be successful. My good fortune and my good life is the result of my success.
  • I am naturally beautiful in my own skin.
  • I bless my body with love.
  • I work with my body, not against it.
  • I am grateful for who I am.
  • My every imperfection is uniquely perfect in its own way.
  • When I feel stressed, I give myself a break and let my body be rejuvenated.
  • I am more than just the sum of my body parts.
  • My mind is at peace.I am able to handle any challenges I face.
  • I exercise for the joy of feeling my body move and grow stronger.
  • I can sleep soundly tonight, I am ready to face tomorrow.
  • I will not wait to have a good day. I will make one.
  • I cannot climb uphill thinking downhill thoughts.
  • Nothing is worth losing my sanity over.
  • I have the ability to handle this.
  • Post it publicly or to a friend.

3. Take a photo of YOU being alive. What does your aliveness look like in an image? Share it or put it in your journal with your words about the aliveness you are choosing.

TODAY I CHOOSE ALIVENESS: (affirmation and image)

DAY TWO: Sorting Seeds
Dear Risk-Taking Wilda,
Let's do some sorting of what is essential from what is not essential.

The word essential according to the dictionary is this:
1. - absolutely necessary; indispensable:
2. - pertaining to or constituting the essence of a thing.
3. - noting or contain an essence of a plant, drug, flower, etc.
4. - being such by its very nature or in the highest sense; natural;spontaneous: essential happiness.

  • So now I ask you, using the dictionary prompts. . .
  • (Write down your answers in your journal, on your computer/blog or social network.)
  • * What is absolutely essential to your aliveness?*Being in a creative, safe, and trusting environment. Being able to be free, to be who I am. Song, dance, meditation, food. Successful career and relationships. Fun, laughter, friends and family-
  • What is indispensable to feeling good about where you are in your life?* Developing and rekindling the Divine Feminine, art, song, dance, gigglegasm
  • What is at the essence of who you are?*the basic nature of Wilda : the qualities that make Wilda,,,,I am.a earth angel, light worker, excited, adventuresome, nurturing, inquisitive,studious, hopeful, lighthearted, jovial, vivacious, romantic, gracious charming, gregarious, optimistic, attentive, tender, high spirited, energetic,enthusiastic, grateful, creative, wise, loyal, extravagant, brilliant, genius
  • What is the very nature of you calling out for? My nature is calling out for FUN... for dance camp, yoga and pilates classes, agape haye house, Tony Robbins its calling out for a like minded community of friends and relationships.for my spiritual teachers and gurus...
  • In the highest sense? FUN< JOY< HAPPINESS<PASSION and compassion To become a successful business woman and a successful spiritual leader
  • Okay, now...What have you been including that is NON-ESSENTIAL? Just wasting time talking about it and not doing it. trying to maintain and focus on weak or draining relationships. working in unfulfilling jobs. Spending much time in bus travel and walking everywhere.
  • Write down some non-essentials (at least five) that you have been letting take priority OVER your essentials.
  • 1. A Temporary living situation where I live at the kitchen table and living room floor with all belongings except 2 drawers are outside
  • 2. A 11 year old disruptive and disrespectful child
  • 3. Looking for employment OPPORTUNITIES  on every website for $10.00 an hour jobs
  • 4. Lack of direction and motivation
  • 5. Some TV watching 1 to 2 hour 4 times a week
  • Agree to not do that no-more no-way.
  • These are all choices.
  • Today you are invited to take a risk as your DAY TWO CHALLENGE.


  • A risk is something that is not comfortable to do. It costs you something. What is something you have been putting off because you are so afraid of it?
  • Afraid of being seen or known for it?Afraid of what it will call forth in you?
  • Choose a risk action today that is connected to YOUR ESSENTIAL ALIVENESS.
  • I must be a big risk taker talk to everyone about my ThinkGRADUATE and UrbanGRADUATE business and products everyday. Approach at least 10 prospective  investors and potential clients.
  • Share it with me, or a friend or on Facebook at The Red Thread Cafe'!

    DAY THREE: Moving Into Your Body

    • So far we have pruned and sorted.
    • Gotten to what we no longer needed and also that which was essential.
    • Doesn't that feel good?! To spend time honoring who we are and where we are and what is really and truly important?
    • Now it is time to move into your BODY of ALIVENESS.
    • You know your body is your temple don't you?
    • Of course you do.
    • Find a song that you want to dance to.
    • Turn it on, turn it up, and move your body with the intention and knowing that you and your body are a temple of moving light.
    • When the song ends, sit down and write the first ten words that come to mind while your heart is still racing.
    • Then let your body write you a letter -only after you have moved it with love, tenderness, hope and care, and hopefully a little increased heart rate.
    • Notice how alive your body feels when you move it.
    • Write it FROM the voice of your body, and challenge yourself to use at least 5 of the 10 words you got.
    • What does your body want to say to you? tired,  exhausted, dragging, emotionally spent, sore and stiff, cracking
    • How have you been honoring your body? Baths and walking, good food, rose water,
    • How have you been not honoring your body? Over eating, not enough water, exercise, health care from acupuncture/chiropractic, massage
    • Share a few lines of the result of this challenge on your social media or blog - and if you are brave - even a picture of a body part that you are honoring. You can always come on over to Cafe' and check in with all of us!

DAY FOUR: Shadow and Shelter

Dearest Luminous Wilda,

Each of us dwells in light and shadow. You know this. This Aliveness Challenge is a reminder of what you do know and an invitation to move around what you know on the bare feet of wonder. Gently and nimbly saying - hmmmm....what is it I have been unwilling to look at?

  • Today you are invited to have tea or wine with yourself, alone.
  • Bring a good book or your journal.
  • Sit alone.
  • See how it feels.
  • See what thoughts arise.
  • Ponder what aloneness feels like.
  • Do you feel uncomfortable?
  • Afraid?
  • Self-conscious?
  • After you feel you have sufficiently explored this aloneness, you have two things to do.

1. SHADOW LETTER: Write a note from your SHADOW self to your LIGHT self. It is a love note, and more than that, it is an invitation to have the light visit the shadow side for information. Spending time alone will help bring you into the shadow - not the doom, gloom darkness place, but the deep self place of pondering that allows you to notice and dig deep. Aloneness will be the access point for the note from the Shadow. A paragraph is long enough.

2. SHELTER LETTER: Write a re-mothering note to yourself now. This is a tender place - that is why we call this a challenge because that is what it is. All of us have felt exposed, not nurtured or tended. All of us are in need of being beneath the wings of the sacred. This letter is a note to YOU about sheltering you. What promises will you make to yourself about tending yourself? What re-mothering is needed? What harboring is needed by you from you? Shelter you, my dear one.

DAY FIVE: Turning Toward What You Deeply Love

Dear Miraculous Possiblity Wilda,

Do you know what it is like to write to you?

To send you challenges through cosmic mail and know that because of them you might, might allow more aliveness into your life just because of our connection?

It is like experiencing aliveness. Just like it. Because where you and I intersect is on the threshold right here.

And so today, your day 5 challenge is this:

To get clear on what you deeply love.

To agree to turn toward it with your whole being.

Will you do that with me?

I am doing it right now as I write this.

I do not create these in advance, it is the eve of day 5 and I asked what it was you needed, and the answer was, give them what it is that you need.

And so if we sat together now, over tea, and I asked you...

What is it you DEEPLY LOVE?

What would you say?

Make an audio, video or writing and share it with the world.

DAY SIX: Finding A Poem to Live By

Dearest Tender and Brilliant Wilda,
Today you are going to need a bit more time for your challenge.
I need you for at least 15 minutes, maybe more. Can you give me that?
What needs to move in order for you to meet this challenge?
If you don't have time, come back later, but this moment could be lost.
Can you be late to where you are going? This is more important.This is the truth. Finding your poem to live by is MORE important than most of what you need to do right now.
Today I am asking you to challenge yourself to read poetry out loud, and to choose a poem to live by, or a song. Songs are poems.
Here are two examples of such poems:
Love After Love: by Derek WalcottWatch and listen - Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber
Born in Fury by Shiloh Sophia
After listening I want you to record your poem to live by. That's right. On your computer. Into your phone. Into a tape. Into a message machine. Into your audio acrobat. This will not be easy for some. This is your challenge, record your own voice saying a poem to live by.
GOOGLE poetry.Look up your favorite poems or songs.Write your own.Find a quote that speaks to the stranger in you.Enter the house of poetry and find yourself in the shadows.I don't care if you understand why I am challenging you to do this.Just do it.Do it because you said yes to this Aliveness Challenge.Do it because poetry saves lives and could save yours.
You might not have any idea what I am talking about. But you will one day, maybe even today. Find your language now, with me, here at the Red Thread Cafe. I am waiting to listen with you.
If you need some incredible choices, please look at this list by one of my favorite poets and teachers, Kim Rosen, 50 poems to live by:

Signed in salt water to the sound of violins,

Shiloh Sophia

DAY SEVEN: Born This Way

Dear Uniquely You Wilda,

I have challenged you to live into your ALIVENESS these past 6 days. Have you done it? What has changed in your aliveness quotient? Did you challenge yourself? Did you forget throughout the day that we were even doing this practice?
This is your final challenge - to write a letter yourself from your muse around the theme of BORN THIS WAY.
In this letter you could include some of the following:* what you love* what you hate* what you desire* what you want to let go of* what brings you aliveness* what makes you feel dead/despair* what is so juicy* what is too dry* what you really, really want now* what you are really, really willing to let go of, now.

In essence, I am inviting you to write your own Aliveness Creed. I give an example below of my own Creative Being Creed, and I use it like water when I am thirsty to nourish the soul of me.
Let me know how the process was for you at my Facebook page.

I have enjoyed journeying with you this past week and hope you have indeed BROUGHT ALIVENESS in and have chosen to Live Like You Are LIVING.

Never let it go.
Never let you go.
With life in my bones,

The Creative Being Creed

My ideas are worth exploring

and my creative acts are sacred,

worthwhile and valuable.

I answer the call to create,

without feeling

I am taking anything away from something or someone.

I know that I have something

to say and create, that is only mine to express,

and so it is original.

I surrender the idea that my works of art must be pretty,

good or salable,

and let them be what they want to be.

I consider the practice of creativity

equal to other practices like prayer or meditation

or exercise, and I make time for it.

I share my creations only

when I feel supported to do so,

not needing or seeking acknowledgement from others.

I release myself from the need to feel inspired before I begin,

trusting that everything I need to create will be provided.

I allow myself to release the critic

and perfectionist with love and invite the muse to come to my side.

I accept the healing energy that comes from my creative acts,

I remind myself that it is OK to not know what I am doing,

to trust the process and begin again as many times as I need.

Creativity is a journey, and I honor

that journey with my time,

my resources and my heart.

I am gentle with myself

when I haven't taken the time to create,

and I will begin again.

I give myself permission to be messy, loud,

irreverent at times, and at others to be quiet, orderly,

mindful and to feel blessed.

I feel worthy of the title Artist,

just because I create,

regardless of what I create, or what the outcome is.

I am free to think my own thoughts,

to have my own visions

I also gather nourishment from those around me.

I feel that my life is a great adventure

always looking for my YES,

and that my own journey holds the makings of personal legend!

I believe in intentional creativity;

the love I put into my work

goes out as a blessing toward my intention.

I am a creative being, not a creative doing,

and sometimes being creative is allowing myself to "do nothing"

but the creative act of dreaming.

I believe that every bone in my body is a creative bone,

that my life is a miracle in process and that I am a creative being.

Shiloh Sophia

Sometimes you hear a voice through the door
calling you, as fish out of water
hear the waves, or a hunting falcon

hears the drum's Come back.
Come back.

This turning toward what you deeply love
saves you. Read the book of your life,
which has been given you.

A voice comes to your soul saying,
Lift your foot. Cross over.

Move into emptiness

of question and answer and question.


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Taking the Seven Day
Aliveness Challenge
is like a 7 day
Wake Up class
from Shiloh Sophia!