The Ozone Layer

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What is it

The ozone layer refers to a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun' UV radiation. It contains high concentrations of ozone relative to other parts of the atmosphere, although it is still very small relative to other gases in the stratosphere. The ozone layer contains less than ten parts per million of ozone, while the average ozone concentration in Earth's atmosphere as a whole is only about 0.6 parts per million. The ozone layer is mainly found in the lower portion of the stratosphere from approximately 20 to 30 kilometers (12 to 19 mi) above Earth, though the thickness varies seasonally and geographically.

What does the ozone layer do?

The ozone layer protects the DNA of all surface dwelling life.  Its absorbing ultraviolet-b from our sun, a very short wave ultraviolet light (UV-B) breaking apart oxygen molecules. The ozone layer is like a blanket that shields the earth (not just the living things).

What is the main cause of ozone depletion?

The main reason for ozone depletion are the chlorofluorocarbons found in everyday products such as refrigerator coolant, fire extinguisher and in aerosol cans. These were released into the atmosphere during the second half of the twentieth century and their effects are still being felt. Chlorine destroys the ozone & is released from CFC's.

What country is not protected by the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a cover of ozone gas all over the earths atmosphere so we can not say that a country is not protected by it. However due to the intense depletion of this layer its cover of the antarctic region has been disappearing day by day.

what has been done to protect the ozone layer?

Certian CFCS have been banned. increasing gas prices will be the next step by reducing combustion of fossil fuels (slight increase in oxygen, slight decrease in water vapor at altitude).

Are humans responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer?

YES. people developed chemicals such as CFCs in refrigerators and as a propellant gas in aerosols. These CFCS rose high into the atmosphere and are till this day causing damage to the ozone layer. The use of CFCs have been banned and the ozone layer is slowly recovering, hopefully.

what is it like now?

In 1970 people all over the world started realizing that the ozone layer was getting thinner. many government & businesses agreed that some chemicals should be outlawed. The ozone layer has slowly recoveredas people, governments and businesses work to control such pollution.

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