Communism In Different Eyes!

Karl Marx

Karl Marx, born in 1818 and died in 1833, was a revolutionary communist who proposed a different ideology and inspired many leaders in the 20th century. One of Marx's great saying was "Laissez-faire" which translated to "let it be," Karl Marx believed that the nature of communism would rise through historical processes. He believed that men with similar interests were what created different classes, two classes that were primarily involved were the bourgeoisies(factory owners) and proletariats(factory workers). Karl Marx believed the proletariats would violently take over the bourgeoisies, but it would happen naturally. This was how Karl Marx started the ideology of communism and became known as the Philosophical Father of Communism.

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin, mostly known as Lenin, was a Russian communists who was influenced by Karl Marx, but of course, had some differences. He believed that the rich abused the poor and something had to be done about it! Lenin's main objective was to restore power within everybody with the government controlling them to keep them on track. The main reason the revolution in Russia began was because of the Czars, family ruling at the time, resist to change. Since many resources were going to war, the people were starving and therefore affected the workers. Lenin had a couple similarities with the communist Karl Marx. Both Marx and Lenin believed that throughout history it was a constant battle between the owners and workers and that the rich citizens abused the poor. Although, they both had similar ways in thinking they did have a couple disagreements. A difference that Lenin and Marx had was that Marx believed the revolution would happen spontaneously and Lenin believed the peasants weren't capable to lead the revolution on their own so they needed a push to do so. Another difference is that Marx believed the the revolution would end with equality in power, but Lenin believed all would would have power, but with someone keeping them on track.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was born in Chaochan, a Hunan province. Zedong came from a peasant family and therefore, like many peasant families in the 20th century, experienced no luxuries. Mao Zedongs view on communism was that the peasantry was soon going to use violence to break the bind that they had with the upper class. He believed that the peasants were going to take over and lead the revolution. Actually, Mao Zedong first encountered the ideas of Marx while working as a library assistant. Mao related to Lenin and Marx in the way that they all believed that the lower class would eventually take over the higher class for abusing their working rights. Mao believed that the revolution would occur among the peasantry and not in the working towns while Marx believed it would occur in the industrialized towns.


Bloody Sunday

Throughout the history of communism there were many revolutions against it. A war that occured against the revolution in Russia was Bloody Sunday, it not only was an act against it but a spark to it. The guards from the palace were brutally shot to death when the people marched to get justice. The white army was an army who opposed communism in Russia and wanted the family Czar to be put back to rule, which caused a civil war!


Lao started off as a monarchy but the communist Pathet Lao officially seized power in 1975. Communist Pathet Lao was first established in 1951 by prince Suphanouvong as a communist independence movement , and eventually took place and became the government of the country till this day. About 85% of the population is estimated to be peasants and only 20% of the national budget goes to them. Laos is somewhat similar to what Marx, Lenin, and Zedong were trying to avoid. They were trying to avoid what Laos is, injustice towards the peasantry.

what about me?

In my opinion communism is not the best government because it is inequality of power within the people of a community. Communism takes what you own, and controls everyone's property, which in the case of the lower class isn't much. The lower class makes up most of every society but has the lowest income, and yet, they are the ones who suffer the most. This shows communism and therefore is not the right government. The solution to a communist country has not yet been established, but we have established a government that satisfies the citizens.

Adriana Carchipulla
period 3

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