Away We Go

Life was great.
Quiet, peaceful, always enjoyable.
The everyday routine,
the bland evening dinners.
The little town, the tasty spaghetti,
the abundant joy.

I felt like I could stay here
the remainder of my life.
Nothing would need to change.
No growing up,

Then came the announcement.
Our parents gathered us up at the dinner table.
I knew this wasn’t a good sign.

An emotion among the rest,
Which I could not suppress.
Was this really happening?

We were leaving.
Across the vast ocean,
Into a whole new place.
City, country, continent.
All different.

A new location, Completely unfamiliar.
An obscure endeavor.

It wasn’t a relief, Rather a disappointment.
We were leaving everything behind,
I felt like I had to start over.

I had it all miscalculated.

It was a pleasure.
All the new things to learn,
The friends I could make.

Took a while to find my place,
But soon enough,The happiness came back.
I learned the new customs.
Holidays like Halloween,
sports like baseball and football,
all the things I had been missing.

I adapted fairly quickly.
I missed what I left behind, But cherished what I had now. It felt different,
But in a good way.

A great way.

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