10 Things you probably didn't know Isaiah Cuellar

Story of my life

My name is Isaiah Cuellar and I play too much Call of Duty, I play Mine craft, I'm a Boy scout quartermaster, I collect knives/swords, I'm in karate, my birthday IS February 14, I've been to over 11 states, lived in two (here and Philadelphia), I have a PS3 and Xbox, I collect small model cars, and I plan on becoming a military officer.

I especially play Advanced Warfare, weapon of choice MORS (sniper) w/ variable zoom lens.

My dad was in the parade twice... This is one. I was in the second one which theme was Mine craft- Frozen mod. (Yes, the one with Elsa and Anna)

Blues Brothers

One of my favorite artisits is Maroon 5.

This is my school, which I went to starting in the seventh grade.

I'm interested in crazy things on the news every now and then.

This is the second parade my dad did (The Frozen one), and I was in the creeper mask.

This was our ( and my first) karate form test.

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