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New Tools For Learning

Welcome back my Fifth Grade Parents! to a new and exciting school year. My Name is Noela Wanka and i will  be your fifth graders teacher and i am looking forward to  this new school year with the kids. I have planed some amazing learning tools that are fun, interactive, and collaborative that will help the kids learn faster and will keep them attentive in lecture. The tools i will be using for my class are Primary Wall, Skype, and least but not last Educreations.

Primary Wall - it is a sticky note tool that allows teachers and students to work together in real-time, adding sticky notes to a group ‘wall’ like a pin-board. Simple, fast and user-friendly, the site also offers great collaborative tools for students working together to create projects, with group writing and drawing. Great for creating class brainstorms or inviting students to create a collaborative mood-board with lots of different ideas or quotes. I will assign groups of 4 to explore an animal and its habitat, so they will have to  use Primary wall to sticky note their chosen animal characteristics collaborate in drawing their animal however they want it to look like. They can do it wherever they are home, or out etc.

Skype - is a tool made to communicate with any one in the word that has access to the internet. it enables you to communicate live through web cam, messages, as well as through phone call. Is an an easy way for teachers to expose their students to the world. Teachers can connect their students with another class somewhere else in the world to meet new people from different cultures. It can be use in teaching history or culture, for example I  would have a lecture on culture exploration and the one tool i can use to really get the students involve and interacting is Skype. how i go about it is by  connecting with another teacher from another country on Skype and have the kids form both country interact with each other by asking each other questions about their culture, and life style through web cam.

Educreations - It's an app that allows you to create lessons on a virtual whiteboard that you can record and share them. You can upload documents, photos, or videos on your lessons to make teaching more fun and interactive. This lessons can be embedded on the teachers website which gives the children access to them at any time of the day wherever they are whether be on a computer, tablet, or a cell phone. Especially for my science lessons to make students be more attentive and interact with the lesson, i am able to create a model for example: i will create a volcano in a 3D model and have the descriptions and fact of the volcano on the different parts of the volcano as the kids play with the model.

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