Baby Infromation

  • Headline - Baby Information
  • Nickname of element (H)
  • Birth date ( 1671 )
  • Birth weight (1)
  • Birth height ( 1)
  • Family name ( none)
  • Attending physician (Discoverer)
  • Gender (Gas)
  • Place of birth ( London, England)
  • Personality (-252.87°C or -423.17°F -259.34°C or -434.81°F)

Have No Family

hydrogen peroxide is something people use for many things you can gargle with it you can put it on cuts and put and many more things
this is things to do with people breath before and after they wake up
air is something that helps everything breath

What I want to be when I grow up?

hydrogen is used for things that we eat every day and love the smell of
it is also used for the water that we swim in a take a bath in
its also used for fire places to make your house warm and you can roast marshmallows to roast at camp fires

What it what to be

i want to be peroxide because it heal up cuts when people bleed

i want to help it because it used in emergency

i wan to help bruises because i want leave a mark on your arm

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