España by Braley Monaghan



Spanish in España is know as castellano  

Spain descended in to Civil War between the Republican and Nationalist  

The war ended in a nationalist dictatorship Francisco Franco which was controlled by the Spanish government until 1975.

In ancient times Iberian Peninsula at the southwestern tip of Europe has been inhabited by various ethnic groups.

Madrid is the very center of the country.

Spain has a very low birthrate. Most attribute this to high unemployment, low wages and steep housing costs.

This is the map of España

This is the flag if España.

Famous Places-

One famous place in España is Bilbao and it is mainly a seaport but it is like the most popular.

Another famous place is Santiago de Compostela that is the capital of the city in Galicia,España.

Some more famous places in España are toledo , Cordoba ,and Valencia, Toledo is a big tall building that sits on the top of a hill and Cordoba is the capital of the Cordoba Province and lastly Valencia is one of the largest and most important cities in España.

Those are the main Famous places in España. Im sure there are more but those ones were the ones that people from all over España go to see!

Local Expressions-

A  common expression in España is ti0/a it is referred to friend or a person.

Another common expression in España is val it means ok or yes.

Some more important expressions in España are nada and it means no way , Ide puta madre! and that means good job or excellent!   

Tapa means finger food which is very popular around España.

El curro means work if your a student or teacher at España you probably here that a lot.

voy a coger el bus means i am going to take the bus.  

esta pensando en la musaraña means he/she is distracted.  

Food /Drinks

A famous food in España is croquettes theyare kind of like mozzarella  sticks.

Another famous food in España is Tortilla Espaniola and  it is mixed with a lot of breakfast things like eggs and bread so  it is mainly for breakfast.

Another famous food in España is Gazpacho and it is like tomato soup.

Now some famous drinks in España are....

Water which is popular in most places

soft drinks such as coke spike root beer

Coffee which is also popular in most places



and Wine

So as you can see España's drinks are really similar to ours there is really no big difference.


in the north of España it is mostly dry but in the south it is hot

  So España is mostly hot.  In winter is is cold but not as cold as our winter and in the summer is is hot and it is hotter than ours!

People say that the best time to visit España is in the late spring from April to then end of october or november which that is really long!

Mainland España is the second highest mountainous country in Europe.

España has mountains and Islands. Balearic Island is one of the most visited in España.

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