Iraq's War Against the Islamic State

By Armando Romero

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"The Caliphate Cracks." The Economist. The Economist Newspaper, 21 Mar. 2015. Web. 04 May 2015.

In this article, the author talks about the conflicts that are present today in the Middle East. Iraq is violently being taken over by ISIS and loosing a lot of their cities to their terrorist groups. As time goes on, ISIS keeps fighting but are quickly running out of funds and out of followers. Their massive attacks on Iraqi soil are costing them a lot of money and many people that belong to the organization have had enough of the violence. Along with Iran, Syria and the United States, Iraq is taking back many of their cities and defeating the terrorist group.

The main opponents in this conflict are the jihadist soldiers that work for the Islamic State. This organization of 8 million people, who is commonly known as ISIS, is currently one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world. Many countries surrounding Israel like Iraq, Syria, Iran and even the United States, have recently been involved in this war and are trying to stop ISIS from spreading any more. Through bombing attacks, recorded beheadings and oppressive rulings, ISIS is doing everything they can to fight back against anyone who stands in their way. ISIS's purpose is to establish a new Islamic caliphate across the Middle East. The only problem with this would be that only Sunni Muslims would be allowed to live in the newly created utopia, excluding Shia Muslims completely. There aren't many non-violent approaches against ISIS and unfortunately, those who do oppose their beliefs either get killed or imprisoned. People who refuse to convert religions or support this movement are seen as enemies by ISIS. Although non-violent solutions would be the ethical decision, the effectiveness of them is very low with very little chance of success.

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