By: Jacob Marquis

I am going to tell you a little bit about México!

First off, let me just say that their population is pretty big with a number of 119.7 million people! This country is filled with beautiful beaches and some pretty amazing Mayan ruins that you can explore if you happen to be vacationing in México or if you are just stopping by on one of your family road trips!!

The capital

The capital where all of the business within México happens in Mexico City. Mexico City alone has a great population of 8.1 million people! This great city is actually built on a lake called Texcoco and most interesting thing is, this city is constantly sinking. Some areas have sunk more than 9 meters in the past 100 years!

Now, the type of money that is used in México is different than is the United States. The country of México uses a type of money called pesos. In translation, 1 U.S dollar is equal to 13.26 pesos! As you can see in the image here, the 500 peso dollars might seem like they would be a lot of money in U.S dollars but in reality, there not! It turns out, 500 Mexican pesos is only worth 37.72 U.S dollars.

Now you all are probably thinking that in México, every single person speaks spanish. Well actually, you would be wrong. The most common language spoken in México definitely spanish but it just so happens, 80% of the Mexican population can speak not only spanish but they can speak a native american language that is called, Nahuatl. This language was created by the Aztecs and it has been passed down through generations of families.

The country of México just so happens to be the country right under the United States and it is also the neighboring country of Guatemala. Speaking of México and Guatemala, it turns out that just last week, the president of México and the president of Guatemala held a conference and decided to make it illegal for Guatemalans to cross the Mexican border on their journey to the States. However, it is not completely illegal to cross the border. The Guatemalans have exactly 72 hours (3 days) of legal status to get through México and make it to the U.S.


The beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas, located on the souther tip of the Baja California Peninsula, is one of the most visited places by tourists because of its white sand beaches and turquoise water! When most people here the name of this amazing city, they usually think of the El Arco de Cabo San Lucas which has become a famous landmark and is displayed in the image here. (The big rock arch.)

Another incredible tourist destination is the city of Puerto Vallarta located on the Pacific Ocean's bay of Bahia de Banderas. This heavenly place is know for its amazing boardwalks, peaceful beached, and its calm blue waters. If you are planning to go on vacation anytime soon and you are looking for a resort that is all about relaxing and shopping, this is the place for you!!

The awesome city of Playa del Carmen is located along the caribbean sea in the state of Quintana Roo and this is one of the most visited places by both the people of México and tourists. This luxurious destination is famous for its sparkling and enchanting water and some pretty awesome mayan ruins that you can explore while there. And, make sure to give a friendly wave to the spider monkeys at your resort because they are everywhere!!!

It is very important to know some sayings or expressions while down in México. Here are some sayings to keep in mind:

-¿Qué onda? = What's up?/ How are you?!

-¡Que chido! = How cool, great!

-La alberca = The swimming pool.

-¡Que hay güey! = What's up dude?!

-¡fuchi! = Gross!

Food and Drinks

Let me guess.... you think that people in México ONLY EAT TACOS!!! WRONG!!! The Mexican population actually eats a variety of different foods on a daily basis.!

This image right here is showing a very popular "street food" called Elote. It is made by boiling cobs of corn and than you can add almost any topping you want on it from chili powder to mayonnaise! After you toppings have been added, the corn will usually get a sprinkling of lime juice. Some people even keep the shucks on the cob and use it as a handle so that they can shop while they eat their Elote.

One of the most popular drinks in México is.... COFFEE!! Although, if you are one of those people who like your coffee with lots of sugar and added flavorings, this is NOT the coffee for you! Almost all coffee in México is served with only espresso and milk. (For those of you who aren't coffee drinkers, this means that the taste is very bitter and very strong.) On occasion a cafe that you visit may give you the option of whipped cream or a little cinnamon but, don't be surprised when you walk in and you see Cafe Americano as their main menu item!!


The geography of is definitely different in every part of this country. It goes from mountains, to deserts, to tropical paradise and thats that cool part about México!! The country of México is up against the Pacific Ocean to the West and is up against the Gulf of México to the East. As you can see, the mountain range in this image is called "Sierra Madre Occidental," which in English means, "Mother Mountain." This mountain rage was formed by volcanic rock on top of a layer of metamorphic rock! The geography is the same for the mountain rage of the Eastern side of México that is called, "Sierra Madre Oriental."

The desert that is labeled, "Chihuahua," in this image in pretty large. it takes quite a bit of space in northern México and goes into the western parts of New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. This desert is the second largest desert in North America and is the third largest desert in the Western Hemisphere. The temperature here varies depending on the time and place. For example, in the Northern part of this desert, the temperature will get to the point of below freezing. This happens on average, around 100 times a year. On the other hand, in the Summer time the temperature in the southern part of this desert will reach anywhere from around 100-122 degrees fahrenheit!!!

Now, I'm sure that we can all agree that the tropical areas are the absolute best parts of México!! These parts of México are mostly found all along the tail of the country and the average temperature is around the same everywhere in that area which usually varies between 80-90 degrees fahrenheit. Most of this area is filled with beaches and turquoise waters. There are also some areas of flatlands for building new shops and different sorts of buildings.!

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