Road 2 Recovery

"Dedicated to helping AMA licensed professional motocross/supercross members."

Above: Rockstar Valli-Star Racing Yamaha team rider Ryan Morais was injured at the Los Angeles Supercross

How it all started:

Road 2 Recovery is a non-profit organization created in the
fall of 2000 by Bob Moore, Bob Walker, and Jimmy Button. The organization was
brought up by Jimmy Button after a tragic wreck during a supercross practice.
Jimmy wrecked in a whoop section and was left lying there. After being picked
up by paramedics, it was discovered that Jimmy suffered from a bruised spinal
cord and was said to be paralyzed from the neck down. After this injury Jimmy
Button realized there was no riders union leaving him with no money and not
physically sound.  A need for an organization had aroused. The organization would help with financial and emotional assistance when a situation like his happened.


Road 2 Recovery assists riders that have sustained career
ending injuries. They provide financial, motivational, emotional, and spiritual
support to riders that are unable to provide for themselves. The main office is
located in Encinitas, California.

Ryan Morais:

A recent situation where Road 2 Recovery has helped out a
rider was Ryan Morais. Ryan was injured on January 22 at a supercross race in Los Angelos.
Ryan landed on another rider and was sent flying. Knocked unconscious, a
fractured C1, C2, C6-7, T1, broken ribs, and a broken upper and lower jaw Ryan was
in the hospital for a long time recovering. Without being able to provide for
his family and bills, Road 2 Recovery stepped in setting up fundraisers and
such to help out Ryan and his family. Ryan’s wife was also due with a baby even
though Ryan had insurance, the hospital he was at was out of the network. With
Road 2 Recovery Ryan was able to get help getting up and going again both
financially, physically, and emotionally.

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