Lunch Counter Sit-Ins

"If you can't fly, then run, If you cant run, then walk, If you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward . -Martin Luther King Jr

This quote means that no matter how much it seems like you are failing you should always keep trying.

Where and who were the people at the first sit in?

The first ever sit in was in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was in 1960 on February 1st.  It started out with 4 black College men, and their names were Franklin McCain, David Richmond, Ezell Blair Jr. and Joseph McCain. They became known as the Greensboro four. They wanted a peaceful way to protest. They decided to Sit at a whites only lunch counter at a restaurant called Woolworth's until they were served. It didn't happen. When the store closed they left just like everyone else.

How many people participated in the sit ins and how long did it take for the idea to spread?

You could say that the sit-ins spread pretty fast. By the 2nd day 25 people had joined the Greensboro 4, and by the 3rd day 60 students joined together at Woolworth's to protest what they thought was right. By Autumn the sit-ins had spread to 7 states and nearly 70,000 people had participated.

Why did people continue going to the sit ins even if they knew they may be punished?

Most people knew that they could be punished if they participated in the sit-ins. This didn't bother them because they thought it would be an honor to go to jail for standing up for equality.

How did this event impact the overall civil rights movement?

This event impacted the civil rights movement because it was a peaceful way for students to show their opinion about segregation. This event also impacted the civil rights movement because it was posted quite a lot in the newspaper. This got the word out for people to start their own peaceful protests.


A fact is that the first sit in happened on February 1st 1960.

Evidence: I know this is a fact because there are documented records. There are also old newspapers and other people/things that can prove it.  


An opinion about the sit-ins and the whole civil rights movement is that segregation was not fair. This is an opinion because while many like the Greensboro 4 thought segregation was unfair, there were whites that thought segregation was fair and law.

Overall Word

My word for this project is Peaceful this is my word because the whole idea of the sit-ins was to be a peaceful protest.

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