Adolf Hitler By Jordan Cotman

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. He initiated World War II and oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths.  Military Leader, Dictator. 

PLACE OF BIRTHBraunau am Inn, Austria

PLACE OF DEATHBerlin, Germany

As a child Hitler clashed frequently with his father. 

This Adolf Hitler father. 

German politics as leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party.

His policies precipitated World War2 and the Holocaust.  Summary out of 4-5, His father was mean to him when he was little.  He wanted to be like the man who controlled the city, that he read book like him he said I want to be just like him.  His dad was taking control of him that what made him evil.

10 facts

1 That he was the leader of Germany. 

2 He killed all jews. 

3 He killed himself and his parents. 

4 That he wanted to be a leader.

5 He was evil for killing jews. 

6 That his dad was mean.

7 He wanted to be the leader because of a book he read. 

8 He was evil cause of his dad. 

9 he had brother and sisters. 

10 He hung himself and that how he died, he drop atomic booms on the jews, would make the jews work for him, he make them his slaves. 



Adolf Hitler, Military Leader, Birth date April 20, 1889, Death Date April 30, 1945.  Place of birth Braunau am Inn, Austria.  Place of death Berlin Germany.

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People involve in the Holocaust, were these 5 people.  Adolf Hitler Father Alois Hitler, Klara Hitler Adolf Hitler mother, His Wife Eva Braun, Brother Edmund Hitler, Gustav Hitler.  They were mean to Hitler. 

His Hero.  It was a man that he read in a book he just wanted to be just like him. 



They should remember that he was the leader of Germany he was part of the natizes party, he killed his Wife, dog, children, and himself.  He didn't like the Jews, he killed all Jews that were left.!

Why is my character is important

I think they should remember him cause he made the the camps, he was the leader of Germany he had a rough child hood cause of his father. 

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