Freedom Riders

Who rode the buses?

  • Who rode the buses James Peck, William Harbour, Catherine Brooks, and many more

What happen to the people who rode the buses?

  • More than 300 of them were jailed
  • They were beaten by whites
  • During one mob there was more than 1,000 whites throwing rocks and firebombs at their bus

How dangerous was this for the riders

  • This was very dangerous for the freedom riders. Men, women, and children with baseball bats, clubs, and chains..... Would just start beating them with their weapons. But still the riders refused to stop.  

How did this event impact the overall civil rights movement

Ws and H

  • Who was severely injured? James Peck, who had to get 50 stitches to the wounds in his head.
  • when did the freedom riders take place? May 4, 1961
  • Where did it start? Washington D.C.
  • Why did they decide to do this? For the freedom for black and whites to ride together.
  • Importance/Impact/Significance? They rode the buses to end segregation travel so they could sit together. They succeed and now black and whites can sit together on the buses.
  • How bad was the mobs? Whites would set the buses on fire and then they would would block the way so they couldn't get out.

"You didn't know what you were going to encounter. you had night riders. You had hoodlums... You could be antagonized at any point in your journey"  (Charles Person)  National Geographic

This quote to me means that you didn't no what was going happen to you but yet you still we still rode the buses.

Fact: The riders would be beaten and jailed.

Opinion: The blacks are different color than us and they are different so we treated thm different,


Violence: meaning, swift and intense force

Map of their route

Morning Herald


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