Session 1 flight technology

In session one we learned about the airfoil and how it works, and how a airplanes work

Session 2
we examined how air planes lift

Session 3

I'm session 3 we made a wing and went I'm a website to see how aero dynamics effect the wing on a plane

session 4

I'm this section we tested the amount of lift our wing produced and used the wing tester machine to test the wing

session 5

in this sessions we used flight simulated software to fly a plane and learned all of the controls of a plane

session 6

in session six we used the flight simulater and learned basic maneuvers in the plane, and we got to use different types if airplanes.

session 7

in session 7 we used the flight simulater to test one of out calculations that we made in session 6, and we took the post test

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this module "flight technology" tells you all about parts of a plane and how to fly them, so this module can help you become a pilot or airplanes mechanic