The Battle of Gettysburg

The battle of Gettysburg was a very short battle. The battle lasted from July 1st, 1863 and went until July 3rd, 1863. The battle of Gettysburg was fought by the Union and the Confederacy.The battle of Gettysburg was really short but it affected the overall war.

When did the battle occur and who was involved? The battle occurred from July 1st, 1863 and went until July 3rd, 1863. The two armies that battled was the Union and the Confederacy. Who were the leaders of the armies? The Confederacy was lead by General Robert E. Lee and the Union was lead by General George G. Meade.

How many people were killed/wounded in the battle and how many participated? Many people were killed and wounded in the battle. A total of 51,000 people were either killed or wounded. Many people survived the battle. A total of 107,000 people survived. Many people participated in the battle. A total of 157,289 people served in the war.

How did the battle of Gettysburg affect the whole war? The battle of Gettysburg caused the overall war to last longer because, the general of the Union army didn't listen to president Lincoln's orders. The presidents orders was just to send the Union right to Gettysburg and finish off the Confederacy. But since he didn't listen to president Lincoln he almost made the Union lose the battle.

The battle of Gettysburg had a large impact on Pennsylvania's population. It was a big turning point in the american civil war. The overall war was supposed to last 90 days but the battle of Gettysburg made it last 2 more years.

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