All You Want To Know About Laser Hair Removal In London

Alexandrite laser hair removal in London is quickly gaining popularity for permanent removal of unwanted hair from different parts of the body. But the very first thing you are required to know is that this type of hair removal therapy is not suitable for everyone and you must consult an expert for gaining proper knowledge regarding different hair removal methods and their possible effects before you opt for any one of them. Some of the laser hair removal clinics in London still depend upon methods which are outdated and there are also methods those are only suitable for certain specific skin and hair colors only.

Primary requirements

Some of the primary requirements for laser hair removal in London are that the hair you want to remove should be considerably darker than the skin around it and fair skins are also better for permanent hair removal through laser therapy. Patients with tanned skin and lighter color hair are often recommended against permanent hair removal using laser therapy as the dark skin tends to absorb excessive laser energy that is not considered as ideal and patients with dark hair and tanned skin should be waiting for a few weeks so that their skin regains its original color before undergoing the treatment. You must also take into consideration that several different treatments can be required for different body parts and though it is less expensive than the electrolysis method of permanent hair removal it can still burn a hole in your pocket.

How different color skins react to laser hair removal

Light color skin with dark hair is the most suitable for hair laser removal as not only the treatment is easier to perform but one would also get faster and better results after fewer treatments. Darker skins require more sessions as the results are found to be on the slower side and one should also keep in mind it requires better expertise on the part of the hair removal professionals. Most of the times individual treatment is required for patients with darker skins for they tend to absorb more laser energy and may sometimes be harmful for the skin itself.

How many treatments will you require?

Normally a single treatment is considered enough for long term hair removal but if you are looking for the best of the results and permanent solution – multiple therapeutic sessions are recommended. This is because human hair grows in cycles and laser hair removal is found to be more effective when the hair follicles are in a growth phase. Apart from areas those are close to the eye laser hair removal clinics in London can safely and permanently remove unwanted hair from almost all different parts of the body like the face, upper lip, underarms, chest and back, abdomen, legs etc. and the process is really safe if conducted by expert hands. This is also equally preferred by both men and women and if you are looking for more information about the various laser hair removal clinics in London – you can visit

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