Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

By: Madi Frindt

The telephone-1876

Alexander Graham Bell

The invention of the telephone was one of the most important inventions. This made communication within distance grow incredibly. This helped out with transportation and trade. The telephone made things much faster because instead of sending letters of messages the telephone was easier and faster.


Thomas Edison

The phonograph was very important because this was the first time sound can be recorded and played back.  The only other way to hear something would be to hear it live. Being able to play a sound whenever you wanted, inspired people to get into music, at their leisure. It opened up new possibilities in entertainment and communication. This led the way to other audio devices we have today.

First hand held camera-1888

George Eastman

The first hand held camera was very successful and important. It could travel and capture moments that they couldn't before. Cameras tell us many things from the past and give evidence. The camera was great for filming and it could play back videos.

Gasoline Engine- 1876

Nicholas Otto

The gasoline engine was the first attempt to make use of the liquid fuel for transportation. The gasoline engine helped spark the industrial revolution. It made transportation much faster. They went from horses and buggies to cars. This also helped create our cars today.

automatic lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic lubricator allowed trains to run faster with less maintenance. It automatically lubricated mechanical parts of steam engines. No longer did machines have to be stopped for oiling. His new oiling device revolutionized the machine industry.

Type writer - 1873

Christopher Soles

The typewriter helped us because there were fewer errors in understanding the information being communicated. Also, since typing was faster than handwriting, people were able to prepare documents much faster. More books and documents were produced.

Carbon Filament-1882

lewis latimer

The carbon filament for light bulbs helped them last much longer. They could produce light for hours instead of minutes. They could put these in homes, businesses and streets. The lightbulb was less expensive and now more efficient.

Gasoline powered automobile-1893

Top picture : Frank Duryea       Bottom picture: Charles Duryea

The first gasoline powered automobile was a great invention. This helped transportation  grow because people could travel much faster. Also, it helped grow cities. Many more goods and people could be transported.

Automatic dishwasher-1886

Josephine crochran

The dishwasher helped many things. It was healthier for everyone. They used to hand wash everything, but now the dishwasher did most of it. It could  clean dishes much better than what they could have done.

First successful powered flight-1903

wright brothers

The wright bothers actually had a successful flight which showed many people that air planes could help us in many ways. It was faster than any other transportation they had. It could carry many supplies like food and people. Also, you can travel far places.

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