Medieval Apparel

By: Vanessa Cona

Long ago in the middle ages apparel was very different from now.  The men's clothes looked like woman's clothes.  

Woman's apparel

Long ago in ancient medieval times woman's apparel was very different from what we wear now.  They would wear dresses that were very long, these dresses were not ordinary party dresses they were dresses that were wore for a special and royal type occasions.  

Men's apparel

Men's apparel during the medieval times sometimes looked like a woman's dress.  They wore apparel that looked like woman would them wear them for royal occasions!  

Knight's apparel

Depending on the men's job or duty men ware different types of apparel.  Such as a knight.  A knight would ware some type of armor like the picture above.  There armor would created to fit the knight perfectly.  They had series of garments shoes, chest guards, iron plates on the boots and etc.  All men's apparel is made strongly out of types of iron and other materials.  Once a knight has its armor it is ready to fight!

The End!

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