winger book review

You’ve always liked this girl, but she only thinks of you as a little boy. This is life for your Ryan Dean West. The book Winger is another amazingly written book by Andrew smith that had me laughing like crazy and then getting to cry on the very next page. While this book starts out fairly slow it’s a great book that I highly recommend and would gladly read again.

The book Winger is about a kid Ryan Dean West and adventures as a fourteen year old junior at pine mountain boarding school in Oregon struggling with self-confidence. In the book Ryan dean says many times that he is a stupid poor idiot even though he has skipped two grades and his parents happen to be very rich. While this does not ruin the story it does get slightly more annoying every time Ryan utters those words.

Andrew Smith did an amazing job creating the characters in the book. The author made you want to sob when a character got hurt and he made you want to scream with delight when something went there way. Though there was one character enjoyed the most and that was joey. Joey is the captain of the rugby team and happens to be gay that Ryan plays on at the school and Ryan’s best friend. Ryan and Jeremy helped each other out of trouble but in the end Ryan just couldn't save Jeremy.

Though Ryan Dean was the main character in the book in the story Annie the girl of Ryan wests dreams was also great. Ryan dean is in love with Annie. But she only thinks of him as a friend. Andrew smith keeps us guessing until the end will they be together which made for a great novel

Because of these things the book Winger by Andrew smith was a great book. While it did take a while for the story to take off once it did I was very glad I had started to read it and would highly recommend to anyone who likes a really funny book that also gets you to think about how dumb high school boys are.

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