Vocabulary Tackk Assignment

Mrs. Dixon 2/28/14

Crystal: made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence: One side of the building was made up of brilliant crystal glass.

Sinewy: tough and strong

Sentence: His sinewy hands gripped my shoulders, softly shaking me.

Brawny: strong and muscular

Sentence: The brawny man came up and hugged me, squishing me until I couldn't breathe.

Parson: minister

Sentence: The minister had a nice voice that carried throughout the church.

Wrought: shaped by hammering

Sentence: The wrought iron fence was colder than the pitch black night.

Haunches: upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence: The puppy cowered in the corner, but as it started to sniff me, he sat back on his haunches.

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